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The Benefits of HID Prox Cards

by Olufisayo
Benefits of HID Prox Cards

In a world where technology moves quickly and businesses are looking for the best solutions to ensure they can run smoothly, prox cards can provide the answer for access and management of the building you operate in. Security is often a priority for many organisations, with businesses looking for more secure options to implement. Proximity cards are one such solution that can provide a number of benefits to a business whilst keeping it secure.

But what exactly is a proximity card, and why should you consider implementing them in your business? Universal Smart Cards give an insight into prox cards and highlight the benefits.

Benefits of HID Prox Cards

Benefits of HID Prox Cards

What is a Proximity System?

A proximity card system can provide access control for the building, both the entrance and for departments within your company. It works via an access control server and essentially decides whether to grant access to the user with a HID prox card. With four different components in a prox card system, it is sophisticated way to keep your business secure.

Predictions that such solutions will increase in adoption are on the rise, as businesses across the world begin to understand the benefits and advantages it could provide. Having a connected environment for the workplace is becoming increasingly important, as is having a trusted system to manage it.

But what are the benefits? What difference would it make to your business?


Proximity cards can ensure you can monitor and manage physical access to the building and internal departments. This means, you can have a system to allow staff in certain areas and restrict them from others. It can also mean you are limiting access for the general public, further protecting your business.

HID prox cards are embedded with data that is read by a card reader, and are incredibly difficult to clone. What’s more, they can be used as identification cards too for another level of security.


To ensure you know where your employees are in case of emergencies, prox cards can allow you to access data that lets you know who is in the building. You can even record arrival times of staff to ensure everyone is on time and you are aware of who’s in.

Monitoring something like this can be important in the running of an organised and successful business. It’s also essential for health and safety!


HID prox cards are incredibly convenient both for the user and the business. Thanks to the technology used, proximity cards can be read without being inserted into a reader. This means there is less chance of malfunction or having trouble with the device.

Easy to carry around, proximity cards can be personalised and branded. Prox cards provide your business with a solution that allows you to know the whereabouts of your staff, as well as keeping your business secure. This can be particularly beneficial for industries such as healthcare, banking and government, as many companies within these sectors often deal with sensitive or confidential information.

HID prox cards are an efficient way to ensure your business runs smoothly, and should be considered carefully if you are hoping to create a secure work environment.

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