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The Cost of Selling a Home in Uniondale

by Olufisayo
Cost of Selling a Home in Uniondale

Planning to sell your home in Uniondale? You’ll be glad to know that affordable living, low crime rate, excellent educational institutions, and proximity to New York City make Uniondale an appealing city for most homebuyers in NYC. It gives you an upper hand in the transaction as most people are looking to buy.

While getting that home off your hands is exciting, there are plenty of costs associated with the process. Can’t take our word for it? Read on to see how much it costs to sell a house and why cash for homes Uniondale, NY, might be a good idea.

1.      Realtors Commission Fees

One of the significant costs of selling your home in Uniondale through a real estate agent is the realtor’s commission. Most realtors often require a 5% to 6% commission from the sale price. Although this percentage is usually split between the buyer’s and the seller’s agents, it still takes up a considerable chunk of what you make from the sale. For instance, if you end up selling your home for $300,000, the real estate agents who were part of the sale will walk away with about $18,000.

While you can always negotiate for a discount, it is still costly, considering there are other costs you are yet to deduct.

2.      Home Repairs and Improvement Costs

While the demand for homes in Uniondale is high, this doesn’t mean home buyers will buy anything they find on the market. They are looking for their dream home. Therefore, they are less likely to take a house in poor condition.

Therefore, it is your responsibility as the seller to work on making your home appealing to the buyer. In most cases, this usually means a new paint job, landscaping, decluttering, refurnishing, and home improvement projects. While these make your home more appealing to the buyer, they can also prove to be quite costly.

Although the costs vary depending on what is required, home repairs and improvement costs will often see you part with not less than $7,500. This means the costs might be higher if you need to make larger improvements, such as replacing the roof or the HVAC system. Given such costs and the time you have to put into the repair and improvement projects, cash for homes in Uniondale, NY, is a much better idea.

3.      Home Inspection

While an inspection is optional, it is always a good idea to conduct one. It helps you identify any mechanical or structural problems and correct them before the buyers’ stream in.

In other words, it allows you to make any repairs and improvements so the buyer can find it in good condition. It often gives you an upper hand, as the buyer will have no reason to request a discount. Even though a home inspection is beneficial, it is also an added cost because an average home inspection usually costs $400.

4.      Utilities

If you plan to move out before the sale is finalized, then you should keep on paying for utility bills such as water and electricity. Why? Well, it isn’t very easy to convince buyers your home has running water if they turn on the tap and nothing comes out. Unfortunately, the longer it takes to find a buyer, the more you have to keep on paying for these bills.

Selling your home in Uniondale through a realtor is excellent, but it means you may end up making very little from the sale. When you take cash for homes Uniondale, NY, you get to eliminate such costs because the investor takes the house as it is and doesn’t charge any fees.

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