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The Importance of Successful Packaging: 4 Tips to Improve Sales

by Olufisayo
The Importance of Successful Packaging

It is a common saying that what’s inside is more important than what’s outside, but when it comes to marketing and sales, that isn’t always the case, if ever!

Brands like Apple in the tech industry and Chanel in the fashion business sell good items at exorbitant prices but people still buy them because of the brand name printed on the label.

The same is true for almost every trade really, but sometimes, you don’t even need to be an established brand name on the label to increase your sales; all you need is clever, planned packaging and labeling to grab the attention of your target customers.

To know how to do that exactly, go through the following four tips.

Know What Your Customers Like

This may seem like generic advice about knowing your target audience and in some ways, it is, but this goes deeper than that and delves into the territory of customer psychology.

When you know what kind of people will be interested in buying your particular product, it becomes easier to determine the type of packaging and labeling that will get their attention the most in a store.

For example, children like bright colours and popular cartoon characters, while matured men will likely look for subtlety and class in the packaging of their products.

Mention Ingredients/Internals and Benefits

When someone picks up a box of cereal or a new brand of soft drinks at the supermarket to look at the labeling, the product has already managed to garner the necessary attention, but converting that temporary interest into sales is a different ball game altogether.

Make sure that the sticker/stickers clearly mention the most important aspects of the product and highlight some of the prolific benefits of those features. Once you have planned out your labeling strategy, Data Label is a good place for customized, discounted sticker printing in exactly the way you want it.

Experiment with Packaging

Once the product packaging has been completed, the first question you should be asking is, would you buy it? Unless that answer satisfies you, it may still need some fine-tuning.

There is nothing stopping you from putting the same product in two different types of packaging initially to see which one sells better, but once your product or brand begins to gain popularity, stick with it or you will end up confusing your customers. For example, by using sustainable polythene packaging you may promote green practices and take care of the environment.

Stand Out

Do not just conform to norms and let your product become just another box or bottle in a long line of products, but instead, dare to stand out with creative packaging. While this is a risky move for established brands, it isn’t risky for small brands and start-ups because they are trying to create a new image.

Take the Old Spice ads for example, which stand out from the commercials marketed by every other men’s grooming brand out there due to their downright weird, but funny ads! Also, in a world of black, deep blue, and brown, their products stand out in their bright red and white hues.

To summarise, the most important packaging and labeling factors that impact sales are customer relevance, clarity of product description, uniqueness, and sometimes, the trial and error method!

As a bonus tip, only use eco-friendly materials because people are becoming more conscious with every passing day about the impact of harmful packaging on the planet and chances are that you will lose at least some customers by opting to not do so.

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