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The Link Between Website Architecture, Marketing, and SEO

by Olufisayo
The Link Between Website Architecture

There is a very prominent connection between website architecture, marketing and search engine optimisation, which is exactly why it’s a good idea to get all of them done by one company.

This eliminates the communication gap, speeds up the process, and the end result is almost always better than what can be achieved when different companies are involved in building and marketing the same website.

In case you are not aware of the links that we are talking about here, go through the following points to understand the connection.

The Link Between Website Architecture

The Link Between URLs and Google Crawlers

The internet, in general, is dominated by one search engine and that’s Google. Of course, there’s also Bing and Yahoo, but given that Google holds the number one position in the market by accounting for 74.52% of the internet’s searches, and Bing comes in as a distant second with only 7.78%, it would be safe to say that the Google crawlers should be your priority right now – and also for the foreseeable future. Now, the thing about Google is that it will only pay attention to website URLs with relevant keywords separated by hyphens.

For example, www.example.com/blog/relation-between-seo-and-marketing is an effective URL that Google might be interested in crawling, but if you are using an URL that looks like www.example.com/blg/pky54t/?dvt, it will be ignored on most occasions. In other words, to stay relevant to the Google search engine, you will need effectively structured and meaningful keywords in your URL.

How the Web Design Affects the SEO Results

If the SEO is good and can direct relevant traffic towards your website, then that’s a start. However, the visitors who arrive on the website won’t be spending too much time on it if the core design elements of the site are not good enough. For example, if the visitors are unable to easily and quickly find what they are looking for on your website, they will close the window and go elsewhere because there’s no shortage of options these days. Also, there’s the overall look and feel of the site, as well as its compatibility with mobile OS versions.

This is why it is a good idea to always hire an experienced web design and branding service such as Pelling Marketing by Design; a company that has the experience of working with multinational businesses such as Citizen and Philips to back them up. What makes Pelling even more suited for the job is the fact that they offer almost every service you might need to establish a new online business, revitalise an old one, or give an online face to your offline company. As mentioned earlier, letting a single source handle all or most facets of a site, including design, development, and marketing, is a seamless process, which is often critical to ensuring success.

Optimizing Images to Reduce Load Time

It has been found that oncoming traffic will not wait for more than 3 – 5 seconds for a webpage to open and load. So, what happens when you have too many images on the landing page that are not optimised? Well, visitors leave even before the page has finished loading all those unoptimised, high-resolution images.

Striking that balance in resolution between having incorporated images that look blurry and ones that are crisp but take way too much time to load is the key to good web design and proper image optimisation. As an additional tip, always remember to rename your original images with relevant keywords, separated by hyphens. Don’t ever use copyright protected images on your site because that is a recipe for getting blacklisted sooner or later.

Matching the Design, the Product, and the Branding

All your marketing efforts won’t amount to much if the website that your potential customers end up on doesn’t look just as convincing. To illustrate this point, let us take the example of a fictional company that’s trying to sell a new smartphone by branding it as an excellent camera phone with superb imaging capabilities. Since photography is the theme here, everything from the marketing and keyword assignment to the actual landing page must fall in line with that theme.

If people follow a link from a social media post primarily highlighting the phone’s impressive camera features, but they land on a page which has no design elements in it that can keep the same theme of impressive photography going, you will lose the interest of a big chunk of your potential customers right there.

As you can see, web design, development, marketing, and SEO are all related and those that understand those connections usually end up with the best results. Of course, as a businessman, it is better for you to hire professionals to take care of that for you, but ensure that they are working closely with you to give you exactly what you want and need.

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