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The Pros and Cons of Using Aluminum Parts in Automotive Manufacturing

by Olufisayo
Aluminum Parts in Automotive Manufacturing

A lot of things have changed in the past decade with the way car manufacturers use aluminum. Steel is no longer the best option, and now it is a true competition between aluminum and carbon fiber materials. With fuel economy and price being the main factor, aluminum may end up being the best option for the future.

Aluminum Material

For general sheet metal work, 5052 aluminum is a popular choice. That is why using Aluminum Sheet makes the car-making process so much better. It is familiar enough that the common consumer knows its worth but strong enough that it makes sense for car manufacturer preference. The construction of automobile frames requires high-quality materials. That also includes the making of the engine and body of any modern car. Aluminum material is used throughout the process with great success, both for the exterior and interior. But like any material of worth, there is a notable list of pros and cons.


The pros of a car or truck that uses an aluminum frame will surprise you. The top auto manufacturers in the world have a good idea of what works, so aluminum is at the top of the list. There are significant benefits, with the first one being the incredible durability.

  • Safety is a priority with any vehicle. Cars that use aluminum material often rank high in safety tests. A better shock absorption rating will usually lead to a higher score
  • The lower weight of aluminum is a key feature that gives multiple benefits. For the manufacturer, this means better shipping costs. For the consumer, the lower weight provides better fuel economy. For larger trucks, this is the best deal you can get
  • Better steering is possible thanks to the lower weight. This is something that will factor in heavy rain or iced roads. Having full control of your car at all speeds leads to a greater driving experience
  • Aluminum is eco-friendly and good for the environment. The material is highly recyclable, and your footprint on the road will always be lesser than that of a vehicle made with steel


With all of the pros, there are a few cons worth mentioning. Thankfully, these are minor and don’t take too much away from the greatness of the material. If the pros outweigh the cons, then aluminum material is the best choice for your next automobile.

  • Not all aluminum material is created equally. Make sure to purchase from a brand that is serious about the quality of its parts. Buying from a car brand with a bad reputation could lead to aluminum parts getting corroded faster than normal
  • The use of aluminum is eco-friendly, but the manufacturing process might not be. Just like corrosion, going with a trustworthy brand is better for the environment

A Different Beast

It doesn’t take a ton of research to see why car manufacturers are moving over to aluminum. At the right price, it is the best choice to make when getting new materials. As the auto industry tightens with strict standards, aluminum can be counted on to always make the cut.

Photo by Laura Tancredi

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