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6 Keys to Consider When Searching for Inbound Call Center Outsourcing Companies

by Olufisayo
Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

We cannot deny that the world of business is more competitive than ever. With the rising cost of labor and with innovative and creative entrepreneurs joining the fray, it can be tough for companies to survive these days. To stay efficient and relevant, your business needs the best strategies, people, and tools. If your business is struggling to maintain open communication lines with your customers, consider enlisting the services of inbound contact centers so that you can gain that needed edge over your competitors.

An inbound call center focuses on answering incoming calls. In other words, customers call you, not the other way around, as is the case with outbound call centers. Because of the nature of their service, most inbound call centers are customer-service based, with callers phoning the center for assistance about something related to your products or services. Aside from this, however, inbound call center agents can also provide telemarketing services by up-selling and cross-selling to increase your company’s revenue. Because their services are outsourced, these call centers can help you cut down on expenses and save resources.

However, selecting an inbound call center outsourcing company can be tricky, as there are over 5,000 of these service providers around the world. To help you select the right one for your business, here are a few things that you can consider:

Inbound Call Center Outsourcing

Reputation and services of the call center

A well-respected reputation is a good indicator that a call center is professional and reliable. Before committing to a call center, do some research about the company first. Is their track record impressive? Have they won any accolades? Are the agents well-trained and experienced? These are questions that can help you pick a dependable call center company.

Aside from the background of the call center, you should also review the services they offer. Do they handle both extensive outbound and inbound calls? Does the center offer survey data compilation and cold calling? Moreover, if you aim to reach foreign leads or customers, it would help if the call center you choose has multilingual capabilities. Always compare the services offered with your goals.

Experience and expertise of the agents

Great employees make for an outstanding company. The same goes for call centers. Agents are at the vanguard of customer service, so their skills and abilities determine how well a call center can help you. As such, don’t forget to check and see if a center’s agents have a good track record.

To be able to deal with an army of customers—all of whom have varying personalities and needs—agents should have amazing communication skills, a sales mentality, lots of patience, and they should be technology-savvy as well.  Of course, they must also have the ability to learn and hold massive amounts of product knowledge. A call center with agents that have all these qualities is sure to be of great use to you.

The technology they use

To give high-quality service, an inbound call center should have the right tools. While having efficient technology sounds like a basic requirement, there are some centers that use subpar software and hardware. When researching a prospective call center, inquire about the technology they use. To get the best experience, go for centers that have multiple real-time queue statuses, interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities, and skills-based routing.

Availability of agents

The availability of agents is another important factor to consider. This is because potential customers don’t have fixed schedules for calling, so it is better to have a service that is always reliable and available, even during emergencies when many phone lines go down.  To be more time-efficient, you can opt for inbound call centers that have 24/7 availability for customers.

Reporting system offered

When hiring a call center, make sure that it is transparent and accurate in reporting the analytics of the calls it receives. After all, as a business owner, you would want to track the performance of the service providers you hire. Detailed summaries of the number of calls received, real-time data analytics, or even audio recordings of calls for reviewing are just some of the reporting services that you need to better manage your projects.

Your call volume per month

Do you think your company will receive heavy customer service calls each month? Does your business rely a great deal on phone calls? Ask yourself these questions when searching for a call center as there are service providers that have minimum call volume requirements. If your business doesn’t meet this minimum, you probably can’t get their services.

Also keep in mind that many call center services often charge by the month and some even charge for a set of minutes. To avoid misspending funds, gauge your call volume so that you can select the proper call center and hire the right number of agents for your business.

It is easy to see that selecting the best inbound call center can be an overwhelming task. However, you can rest assured that with careful selection, it can be worth it in the long run. By choosing the right inbound call center outsourcing company, you can cut costs, generate revenue, and improve your business to stay competitive.

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