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Things to Do Help Extend Your Car’s Life

by Olufisayo
Things to Do Help Extend Your Car’s Life

You take your car just about everywhere you can. Whether it’s driving your kids to football practice or going on vacation, your vehicle has to endure rough roads, drive through rain or snow, and more.

Now, when your vehicle is regularly exposed to the elements and is always used for all of your driving needs, it can wear out your car faster than you would like. Without proper maintenance, in a year or two, the car you got through a bad credit car loan in Perth will be falling apart.

That is why today, we are here to offer you some advice on how to maintain your car and help extend its life:

Take it for a tune up

Before any big trip, or when you reach a certain mileage, it’s important to take your car for a tune-up at your local mechanic.

To know when it’s time for a tune-up, consult online or look into the car manual. Speaking of the car manual, you can ask it for any other questions about car maintenance like what kind of oil to use and when to get it tuned up.

Change the oil regularly

Speaking of oil, it’s important to keep track of your car’s oil levels. That’s because the engine oil prevents friction in your engine, allowing it to function smoothly.

Low oil levels can increase the chance of friction and damage to your car. After some time, the oil level will not only decrease but will also need to be replaced. So make sure to have your mechanic do it when you take it in for a tune-up, or if you’re handy enough, you can do it yourself on your day off.

Maintain fluid levels

Oil isn’t the only thing in your car that needs to be topped off every now and then. Other fluids that need to be monitored include transmission fluid, brake fluid, and, coolant. Without these essential fluids, there is a higher chance of getting into an accident.

Make sure you are using the right product for your car, and find out just how much you need to put in to make sure that everything will run smoothly.

Proper tyre maintenance

When you fail to inflate your tyres and use it when it doesn’t have enough tyre pressure, it can cause your engine to use up more fuel trying to move your vehicle.

Regularly check your tyre pressure to prevent over-consumption of fuel. Aside from tyre pressure, make sure you take the time to rotate your tyres: putting the rear ones up front and vice versa.

Doing this will allow them to wear out evenly, and prolongs their life before the need to replace all four of them.

Keep it clean

Finally, it’s essential to keep your car clean. That means, aside from making sure that all the internal components are working, you need to keep the outside spotless, and getting rid of any foreign matter like bird droppings as soon as possible.

That’s because bird droppings contain an acid that can ruin your car’s paint job faster. So, parking your car under a roof is always advised.

What’s more, cleaning the inside of your car can prevent early the early wear and tear of the seats as well as any unpleasant smells and more.

Understanding your car’s many needs is essential in making sure that you can get the most use out of it during its lifetime. So, don’t slack off on car maintenance and enjoy driving a well-maintained car as opposed to a poorly kept one.

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