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How to Replace Your Employee-Like-Thinking to That of an Entrepreneur

by Olufisayo
think like Entrepreneur

If you are an entrepreneur, you need to think like an entrepreneur.

If you are an employee working for a company who values entrepreneurial thinking, you need to think like an entrepreneur too.

If you are an employee with even the slightest discretion on how things should be run (i.e. a manager) then again, — yeah, you know what I’m going to say next.

think like Entrepreneur

As the culture and human-mind revolutionize, so do the needs and demands of the marketplace. Many employees/entrepreneurs are rewarded for their innovative and unexpected ideas put forth that are unconventional, yet creative. For this reason, it is encouraged that in the three situations listed in the first paragraph above, people should, or MUST, have that entrepreneurial mindset to raise their ranks.

Do you have that “entrepreneurial spirit”? Not sure what that means? Here are some of the characteristics that make an entrepreneur. To change your employee mindset, you need to acquire these abilities listed below.

Entrepreneurial minds…

Always Think Big, And Think about Change

Entrepreneurs typically have that zeal to change and become something more. They are constantly after making things better and improving what is not working. They dream big and tend to dislike being “conditioned” to thinking like a worker. Just like dreams, practicality and reality are set aside by entrepreneurial minds.

Very Passionate about Work

Whether you own a business or work for an organization, you have to be utterly passionate about your work to have that E. mindset. They tend to think about how they can evolve in their career and reach beyond the current boundaries.

Less Focused on Resources and More on Opportunities

The entrepreneur thinks more about opportunities, and sometimes those that don’t even seem realistic. They don’t disquiet their thoughts with constraints such as money, people and time. They just jump into opportunities and think about resources later. Hey, even Mark Zuckerberg did this and was very successful!

Have An Appetite For Risk

You’ve probably this one heard many times before. They like to “give it a shot” at everything. The entrepreneurial mindset loves the game of gambling. Just like gamblers, they dive in, maybe several times, just to find that one possibility in which he wins the game.

Love to Brainstorm

Remember the time in school when your teacher would make you brainstorm ideas for your new project. The art teacher may have tried this every time she asked her students a question. Did you enjoy it and come up with some brilliant ones? Or, did you hate the exercise and waited for others to give them until the teacher had enough? Entrepreneurs are just like those kids who raise their hands jumping and flailing to give new ideas. To have that entrepreneurial mindset you need to have a creative imagination. There are several exercises you can practice to improve this ability.

Don’t Like Doing What Everyone Else Does

The best of entrepreneurs have this desire for “different”. They don’t like routine and receptiveness. The exact words I used earlier are also perfect in this situation: they want something more. Entrepreneurs actively seek out new ideas and bringing in something new to the field. There are plenty of faux-entrepreneurs who don’t practice this and just like to copy ideas from others. But that’s not the characteristic of a true entrepreneur.

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