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How to Empower Your Team with Time and Job Tracking Software

by Olufisayo
Time and Job Tracking Software

There is no doubt that starting a business with today’s modern technology makes it easier than ever before. Now, business owners can take advantage of software to help them with anything from accounting to project management. One very effective tool is time and job tracking software. Typically, apps that offer this feature can effectively and easily monitor the time your employees spend on a particular project.

These tools often have additional features to help you run your business. For instance, businesses who operate in the field service industry, such as lawn care service providers, will enjoy this time and job tracking software offered by Jobber, which allows you to stay on top of your staff’s schedules and dispatch them accordingly. Plus, the program also serves as a customer relationship management (CRM) system, containing all of your clients’ information.

This way, you can have all your data in a centralized location. It streamlines your processes and protects your files as well since these apps are usually safeguarded through encryption and other cybersecurity measures.

Moreover, time and job tracking software doesn’t just benefit the organization as a whole, but it also empowers your team in these ways:

1. Self-sufficiency

While some people might misconstrue the use of tracking tools as micromanagement, it actually empowers employees by giving them control over their work. Using these apps, they can access their or the customers’ data with just a few clicks or taps on their smartphones.

This way, they won’t have to keep on asking their managers about their work progress. They can just open the app and find what they need.

Time and job tracking programs provide your team with important information such as:

  • Hours worked – Since your employees use the software to log in for the workday, they can also use it to check the hours they’ve already rendered. Submitting time-off requests is also made more straightforward. This empowers them by giving them more control over their role and work-life balance.
  • Order details – This software can also help them stay on top of the project assigned to them. They can use the app to check their schedule, clients’ names, and other relevant details of the job. Additionally, they won’t have to keep on asking for information from their managers about an order.

 2. Productivity

About 27% of office workers reported they felt disorganized in the office. Investing in time and job tracking software addresses this concern and empowers them to boost their productivity. (1)

Easy and effective time tracking also eliminates the tediousness that entails punching in and out of work as well as organizing projects. Thus, your employees can focus on tasks that require higher-level thinking and maximizes their full potential. Through this, they’ll feel more engaged in their roles and feel that they’re contributing more to the organization.

3. Accuracy

One benefit of time tracking tools is in providing precise quotes, estimates, and invoices. This is particularly beneficial for service providers since you have to include the calculation for the number of hours worked on a project into your billing. In addition, employees won’t have to worry about not being paid correctly for the services that they rendered. They can easily refer to the program and double-check their payslip. Again, this can empower them by helping them stay on top of their work.

4. Mobility

Mobility is also effective at boosting productivity. The ability to access data anywhere is crucial, especially for those in the field service industry.

Since you can check order details on your laptop or smartphone, as long as you’re connected to the internet, your time won’t be wasted in waiting for your manager or coordinator to send you the necessary information. You can easily find the data you need and get on with the job, which is advantageous for you and the client.

Most reputable software programs are equipped with firewall security, data back-up, intrusion analysis, and encryption. All these features assure your data is kept safe from cybercriminals, 43% of which target small businesses. (2)

5. Professionalism

Lastly, boosting your brand image isn’t just to attract potential customers. You should also be doing this to maintain the integrity of your employees. After all, nobody wants to work for a company that doesn’t take care of its staff. When you invest in digital tools, you show that you want your people to maximize their full potential instead of wasting their talent on doing tasks that could easily be automated.


Time and job tracking software is one of the many tools that businesses can invest in, not just to streamline processes but also to empower teams. It promotes self-sufficiency, boosts productivity and accuracy, and increases your employees’ morale through mobility and professionalism.


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