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Timothy Sykes – Is He a Scam? Insights from a First-Hand Experience

by Olufisayo
Timothy Sykes

Timothy Sykes is well known in penny stock trading circles. He shot into limelight almost two decades ago after he successfully turned his $12,415 Bar Mitzvah gift money into a $1.65 million trading portfolio while still in college.

Since then, Timothy Sykes has gone on to found, Cilantro Fund Management, a short bias hedge fund, a series of financial and trading education services, a book publishing company, a beauty pageant, and several non-profits and foundations.

Unfortunately, the penny stock trading industry has its fair share of sleazy self-styled gurus who claim to have trading systems that can help people quit their jobs and make a living off day trading. These salespeople make their money from the nonsense strategies that they sell instead of actual trading. Hence, many people have valid reasons to be skeptical about people who provide financial education services.

However, based on personal experience with the Pennystocking Silver program that Timothy Sykes offers and other reviews about his program, he is very much the real deal, and this post provides first-hand insights into the quality of his penny stock training education programs.

Is he a scam?

Timothy Sykes has proven over time that his with penny stocks is a function of a deep understanding of the penny stock market, a mastery of the twin emotions of greed and fear, and a desire to create a better life for himself and the people he cares about. He offers his penny stock trading education program in three tiers branded as Tim’s Alerts, Pennystocking Silver, and The Millionaire’s Challenge.

Tim’s Alert

Tim’s Alert is the first level of the penny stock trading education that Timothy Sykes provides. The program costs $74.95 monthly, and there’s an option to take advantage of a 24% discount on the annual plan.

Subscribing to Tim’s Alerts gives you access to a daily chatroom where you can connect with other traders. You’ll get a daily watchlist containing 5-10 stocks on Tim’s radar, and you’ll also get realtime trading alerts via SMS, email, or push notifications.

Suppose you already had some experience with stocking trading. In that case, Tim’s Alerts could be a great resource in helping you cut out the market noise to focus on valuable signals for making smart trading decisions. However, for people who don’t have prior trading experience, Tim’s Alert may not provide the best value because you probably don’t have the fundamental knowledge or skills needed to analyze the stocks on the watchlist or critique the trade alerts.

Tim’s Alert

Pennystocking Silver

Pennystocking Silver is the mid-level of the penny stock trading education that Timothy Sykes provides. It costs $149.95 per month, and you can get a 28% discount if you sign up for the annual plan. In my opinion, Pennystocking Silver is underpriced for the value it delivers. To start with, it comes with all the features of Tim’s Alerts include chatroom access, trade alerts, and daily watchlist.

However, what I consider the most valuable features of the Pennystocking plan is the ton of resources available on the plan. To start with, you’ll get access to a video library containing more than 6000 videos. Irrespective of your current trading level, expertise, and experience, you’ll find tons of video lessons that will make you a better trader. Pennystocking Silver also includes weekly video lessons on the current state of the market so that you can position your portfolio for profits.

Pennystocking Silver

The Millionaire’s Challenge

If you want to become a full-time day trader or if you want to fund your lifestyle with day trading or if you want to build a million-dollar trading portfolio, you should consider applying for The Millionaire’s Challenge.

The Millionaire’s Challenge provides an immersive learning experience to work directly with Tim, trade like Tim, and potentially become a better and more successful trader than Timothy Sykes.

I haven’t yet experienced The Millionaire’s Challenge partly because I haven’t been able to make the time commitment that it requires. But it is common knowledge that Tim has produced four publicly-known millionaire students, he has about a dozen other anonymous millionaire students, and hundreds of students with six-figure trading portfolios.

One other important point to note that Tim is honest about his mistakes; joining the millionaire’s challenge doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing all the way. However, you can be sure that Tim will show you all the mistakes that he has made in his trading career so that you don’t repeat those mistakes, and you can have much pleasant trading experience.

Personal life and philanthropy

Timothy Sykes leads public and flashy live resplendent with sports cars, travel to exotic locations, and luxury experiences. However, while this flashy lifestyle might put some people off, Tim says he lives an extravagant lifestyle to inspire others to dream big and chase success in the stock market.


Image source: Instagram

However, Tim has started mellowing down his flamboyant lifestyle in the last few years, and he is now inspiring others more by his philanthropic activities.

Earlier this month, Tim revealed he was committing his personal funds towards half of the $1 million donations that Karmagawa and partners are providing towards alleviating humanitarian needs in Yemen. Since being co-founded by Timothy Sykes, Karmagawa has donated more than $4 million to about 45 charities in many developing nations of the world.

In his words, “charity can change the world if enough people get involved, and there’s enough transparency. I show every dollar that I make from trading. I show every dollar that I donate to charity. And I’m proud of it all.”

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