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Team Training: 5 Tips for Building a Bond in the Workplace

by Olufisayo

There is no denying that any workspace is going to be filled with a multitude of different personalities. There are going to be several different ways in which one interacts with people, and this includes building rapport with others.

We are indeed a social species. While there are those of us who may be more introverted and those who are willing to voice their opinion and come up with a bunch of ideas at the next staff meeting, we indeed want to feel appreciated and that we have a sense of belonging.

I’m not saying it’s going to be singing “Kumbia” around a campfire with every colleague; however, there are ways that can help build a bond between colleagues and allow them to apply the acquired knowledge back into their job.

Here are my tips for how you can build a bond within your work environment.

Puzzles build teamwork:

When creating a bond with colleagues, one of the best ways is to work towards a common goal.

One of the best ways to put this to the test is by seeing the team put on their detective caps to work through a bunch of puzzles.

Many corporate team-building facilities in Melbourne do just this and a major trend is that of escape rooms that use logic puzzles to get out within a certain amount of time.

The means of working towards this main goal can highlight various employees’
problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking skills, and display how they work with others.

Treat each other with respect

While it is true that not everyone is going to agree with each other, treating your colleagues and employees with respect and courtesy can go a long way.

Many of us were taught the principle of ‘treat others how we would like to be treated.’

If your staff and employees are appreciated and respected, they will strive for the best in their job. This includes trusting them in their capabilities to do their role.

Understanding the skills and interests of fellow employees.

Building a bond with one’s colleagues or employees is much like building a relationship with anyone with whom one wants a connection. There is a want to be approachable.

Flip the coin and, much like they would with a client, find out what colleagues want and what things may be common human interests.

While I’m not saying management has to go all “Undercover Boss” in the workplace, however, if one is of a managerial level, you could do this by reversing roles, even if just for a day.

It could even help the business long term, by seeing each other’s sides of the role. This can build strength in your team and help to identify initiatives someone may have.

Be open to communication and feedback:

Especially in an environment where working remotely is becoming more prevalent across many industries, it is wise and best to keep a healthy line of communication open.

Being open to asking questions and, for those who know, providing answers or feedback to queries, can provide clarity, direction, and a sense of calm and understanding.

As well as this, the use of the PIP method is a tactful way to provide constructive criticism. Deliver your means for improvement between two things the person or group is doing well. Start with positive, end on one.

Listen carefully:

When you are in a work environment, dealing with the personalities of multiple people can have many issues.

This is why being an active listener and being a present and mindful one, who will do so without forming judgment is a valuable and admirable trait.

It can also make your colleagues see you as someone who cares about them, and, if in management, a good leader.


Hence, when it comes to developing positive bonds in your workplace, remember that often it comes down to the simplicities of listening, respect and empathy.

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