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Tips for Managing Your Client Expectations

by Olufisayo
Tips for Managing Your Client Expectations

If you manage clients, then they need to be happy and stay happy. Without them you have nothing, and this is something you must be constantly aware of for as long as you’re heading your client relations. One slipup can be all it takes to send everything spiralling out of control, and one bad impression can chop off your chances for business left, right and centre.

Additionally, as the world becomes more digital, tools like social media mean that people are growing less and less afraid to voice their displeasure with you. Consequently, your client expectations need to be set and met to secure a successful business.

Here’s a few tips as to how you can manage those expectations.

Tips for Managing Your Client Expectations

Don’t Overpromise

There’s no other way to put it; clients want honesty. Obviously, a liar is someone who can’t be readily trusted in regular life alone. However, in the world of business, even little fibs can cripple a business after a deal has been made and the money is handed over. Remember, your clients are not mindless customers willing to snap up anything for a bargain; they are people angling for a quality service from you.

Make sure that all your marketing materials and advertising efforts don’t claim that you can do things that you factually cannot. Inflating the truth to make your company sound more esteemed and grandiose is fraud, and if you’re found out, clients will leave your premises and never return under any circumstances. Moreover, if the deception is severe enough, you could even face lawsuits and company closure.

Try to ‘Underpromise’

While clients do want honesty, they also want to be impressed. A quick, well done, stress free service is the priority here, and it’s something you can partly influence by managing their expectations. Put simply, this is an opportunity to set yourself up with some unexpected success for the client!

Not all white lies are harmful. Some can work in your favour, so long as they don’t damage the client experience in anyway at all. Sometimes, mildly underselling your service can be of great benefit to you and the client. For example, if you can perform your service in three days, state that you can do it in four and deliver your work on the third. This will then exceed the client’s expectations and put you and your service in good stead with them.

Be Specific

There’s no room for being vague when dealing with clients. They want clarity, and if all they’re getting is ‘ifs, buts and maybes’ from you then their likely to walk away. Even if you’re just being honest, clients want to do business with the companies that have something to say. Show off every corner, and don’t hide anything that could otherwise get a client onside.

The more you can inform a client on what you offer and what you can do, the more information they must listen to and consider. Each piece of information you can provide adds to your persuasion arsenal and will help you to secure their cliental. For example, companies like Parcel2Go specify a thoroughly detailed service, giving clients a clear impression of what they can expect from the services that they provide. From the number of drop off points to the weight limits per parcel, clients have an acute idea of what to expect from them!

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