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Tips for Starting a Business on a Shoestring Budget

by Olufisayo
Shoestring Budget

One of the most common misconceptions about starting a business is that you have to be rich to do so, but nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, some of the most successful companies of all time were started on a dollar and a dream.

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial itch and a shortage of cash, then starting a business might be the best thing you can do to turn your fortunes around. It’s hard to build wealth working for others, but starting a business gives you the opportunity to generate generational wealth.

If you have a desire to start your own business and only a shoestring or ramen noodle budget, then this article is the one for you.

The first thing you should tackle is funding.


If you’re on a shoestring budget, then one of your first goals should be to find money wherever you can. You may not have a full proposal put together for investors, but you can still find other ways to build a small nest egg to get your business up and running.

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Keep overhead costs low.


One of the keys to survival in business — especially when operating on a shoestring budget — is to keep overhead costs low. The more you can do to shave down how much you spend on operational costs, the better.

When you’re working with a small budget, you should either operate your business alone or with the help only of your immediate family. Even if you have well-intentioned friends who offer to help you with certain aspects of your business, you shouldn’t allow people to do anything you can’t afford to pay them to do. It’s the best way to keep labor costs low and not to have unnecessary fallouts with people you love.

You also need to keep your monthly bills to a minimum, and this may even mean trimming the fat in your living expenses as well. One of the biggest monthly bills that families and businesses have is their electric bill. If you get the cheapest electric in NI for both your home and business, then you could save tremendously and increase your business’s chances of survival.

Be crafty about promoting and marketing your business.


Even if you’re starting your business out on a college student’s budget, you still have to promote and market your business to draw customers. Marketing is an investment of your time, money, and creativity, and it’s a step in building your business that you can’t afford to skip.

As an entrepreneur, you have to look at marketing as your second job. There are potential customers everywhere you go and on the spot, you need to be able to give them a quick pitch and a way to contact you. Keep personalized business cards with your name and contact information on-hand to pass out as you encounter people on a daily basis. When you’re first launching your startup, you should never be caught without a business card.

Social media marketing is another great way to build your brand recognition. With the way millennials and GenZers use social media, it may be the best way to market bar none. In fact, once you create profiles for your business on Instagram and Facebook, your friends and family will probably do a lot of your marketing for you!

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