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Tips to Make your Business More Energy Efficient

by Olufisayo
Tips to Make your Business More Energy Efficient

Business owners and entrepreneurs often require alternative solutions to save on energy costs. There are several options to complete this task. It is okay to take a risk in spending now to save on these costs.

The good thing about becoming energy efficient is that the costs saved will pay for themselves.

Entrepreneurs tend to weigh the risks of upfront spending in regards to return on investment. In regards to becoming energy efficient, the risk is minimal. Reducing business energy costs allows for those funds to be used elsewhere.

Whether it is for new product development or another investment, additional funds are positive. Consider making a few changes in the home office and business location office space.

Consider Equipment Upgrades

Many equipment manufacturers are making products that are more energy-efficient. When an entrepreneur first starts a business, capital is generally limited. This often leads to the purchase of used or older equipment.

Once capital and revenues are gained, consider upgrading. Technology is always changing thus making equipment more efficient. This does not always mean that it will be more expensive. These items are often just as affordable as other options.

Some of the types of upgraded equipment to consider are:

  • ENERGYSTAR rated printers
  • Laptop computers
  • More efficient fax machines
  • VoIP telephone services

VoIP telephone services are integrated into computer systems. This essentially cuts down on the need to have power running to a telephone. One less expense equals the opportunity to upgrade one more piece of equipment.

Integrate Smart Technology

Smart technology is one of the best ways to manage energy costs as an entrepreneur. Of course, if you are a technology-based entrepreneur, developing your own programs is also an option. Smart technology works on a system of timers and sensors.

It is ideal to use smart technology to set lights to turn on and off or setup motion sensors to turn lights off in rooms after the door closes. The technology can also be used to put equipment in standby mode when it is not in use. Alarms can automatically be set for security as well.

One major benefit of smart technology is that it can be controlled from remote locations. This means, if you forget to turn the home office light of or shut down the computer, an application on a cell phone can be used. This application will give you the option to turn things on and off as you need to.

Opt for Minor Renovations

Perhaps the office space that was affordable upon startup was in an older building. This means that the building itself is likely outdated and inefficient. A few renovations can bring that space up to energy efficient status.

The first consideration is new windows. Entrepreneurs tend to like intriguing items, that being said, self-tinting windows are the ideal option. This will help keep the heat out in the summer and heat in during winter months.

Another consideration for a minor renovation is to re-insulate the walls. Insulation does settle over time. It can also breakdown and become weak, or stop doing its job.

New types of insulation, including those made from green materials, are designed for efficiency. You will see a big change in the energy bills nearly immediately. This is also one of the more affordable business renovations that results in the biggest impact.

Make Lighting Changes

CFL and LED lighting is the easiest change to make to a home office space. The return on this expenditure will be immediate. This is one of the best investments an entrepreneur can make for their home office.

LED lights can last for up to 25 years. CFL light bulbs last an average of 10,000 hours. Both provide clean light. The decision of which to use is solely the initial cost.

Entertaining the thoughts of making these few simple changes can significantly reduce energy costs. This can be done with minimal capital and minimal conversions. Technology is changing and with this comes more energy-efficient options for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Consider changing light bulbs and making changes to insulation first. These will provide immediate reductions in energy costs. Upgrades to equipment and new, more efficient windows can always come later.

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