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Tips to Make Your Next Trade Show an Outstanding Success

by Olufisayo
Tips to Make Your Next Trade Show an Outstanding Success

If you’re looking to display a service or product in a trade show exhibit in 2018, this post is for you. Enhancing the visibility of your product or service is key at trade shows. You already know that or else you wouldn’t be reading this post.

There are no two or three tips that will guarantee success with your booth. If there were, I’d share them with you right now. But there aren’t any magic beans like that in the real world. What I do have for you are solid suggestions that will put you in a better place to reach the objectives you’re seeking. They will also help you avoid costly mistakes.

Tips to Make Your Next Trade Show an Outstanding Success

Create a Detailed Budget

Hardly anyone enjoys creating a detailed budget, I get that. Yet, it’s essential nonetheless if you want to avoid nasty surprises at your show.

There are many expenses that come into play when having your own trade show booth. Do you want to rent or buy? Do you want to have graphics designed for your booth? Do you need internet connectivity to your exhibit? You will need to identify the budget that comes with every facet of your display.

For instance, renting a trade show display will be cheaper than purchasing one. Will you use custom designs on your booth? If so you’ll have to include money for a designer in your budget. Do you want to offer Internet access at your booth? This can cost you anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars depending on how much bandwidth you need.

Other considerations you should keep in mind when building your budget include:

  • How much the setup and dismantling of your display will cost
  • How much it will cost to transport the display from one location to the trade show venue
  • How much electrical power costs for your display, (an expense that is largely driven by the lighting and A/V equipment you use)
  • The rental of booth space at the trade show center
  • The cost of staff at your booth

How to Choose the Right Display Size

One of the more difficult decisions that you’ll need to make for your booth is what the display size is going to be. You don’t want to have too much empty space. Yet, you also want to make sure that the area isn’t too crowded for what you wish to show off. Consider what your goals are and how you want your product displayed.

If you are going to be showing video at your booth, you will also need to factor in the video display technology. If you don’t have the funds necessary to pay for a larger rental space for your booth, don’t panic. Keep everything minimalist and include only the most important elements in your display.

Consider Renting an Exhibit

While purchasing an exhibit is a great way to have a permanent booth on hand for future trade shows. Renting is a more affordable option and provides you with a large variety of booth designs. You can focus on selecting the one that best matches your product or service. Renting is a great way to stay within your budget.

Pair Your Service or Product With a Promotion

Everyone loves a good promotion. Offering an attractive promotion that ties into the product or service works. It’s easy to pull off too.

When giving away a promotional item, it needs to include the name of your brand as well as your logo. This will help attendees remember your product or service. They can be anything from coffee mugs, tee shirts, or something else that highlights your brand.

Market Your Brand Before the Trade Show Occurs

If you wait to start marketing your brand right when your booth opens Up you’ve missed the boat. It’s better to start before the trade show even begins. Consider reaching out to potential attendees a few weeks before the show and set up a meeting at your booth. Focus on the networking potential when contacting them. Avoid attempting to sell them anything at this point.

To conduct this marketing, try to collect the phone number or e-mail addresses of people who have attended some of the past trade shows and of course reach out to all of your current customers and prospects.

Arrive Early

Arriving at least a couple of hours before the trade show is set to begin is crucial. You want to make sure that your booth and display is set up without a hitch. By arriving at the venue 2-3 hours early, you will be able to fix any issues that occur during setup.
Common issues with trade show booths include the Internet not working.
Lights not operating as they should, or a lack of chairs for people who decide to visit your booth.

Getting there early will give you the chance to correct all these issues before the show starts.

In Conclusion

If you plan your booth well in advance of the trade show, there’s no reason why the event can’t be a rocking success for you.

Bio: Mike Weimar is the President of Iconic Displays (http://www.iconicdisplays.com/). Mike is enthusiastic about helping businesses find the best trade show displays and booths to fit their needs. He also writes most of the content for iconicdisplays.com, writing tips on the best ways to market and promote your next trade show.

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