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Top 7 Productivity Tools for Entrepreneurs in 2017

by Olufisayo
Productivity Tools

You must have heard Elon Musk’s name for a number of reasons. But do you know the reasons behind his astronomical rise to fame? One of them is hard work and being highly productive. According to his official Biography written by Ashlee Vance, he works over 100 hours/week. That’s a staggering average of over 14 hours/day including the weekend too! Of course, very few people can work that hard. That’s why there are productivity tools to assist people like you and me to make the most of our work.

For entrepreneurs and aspiring ones, using a perfect productivity tool can be immensely benefiting so that they can achieve more by doing less. Thankfully, there are a number of tools that can help entrepreneurs in this regard.

Following are seven of my favorites.

 Productivity Tools

Google Drive

The phenomenon of cloud storage is relatively new when you compare it with other storage solutions. While many companies are offering different solutions, Google Drive is the solution that most people can use with ease. With its MS Office like offerings and a great range of collaborative tools, Google Drive can significantly cut down on little inefficiencies like lost email attachments, file extensions you don’t have an idea about and of course, the storage limit issues.

Google Drive offers lots of space, compatibility and ease of use across all platforms. And guess what, they are offering all this for free so that you don’t have to think twice before signing up.


Going through a cluttered and disorganized mailbox can be the worst start for your day. Searching for the required and important emails from the inbox will never be difficult again once you will start using SaneBox. Going through promotional emails and social media notifications is of course not a productive way to start a day for entrepreneurs. It uses filters to clean up your inbox by moving unnecessary emails to a folder titled “SaneLater” It works within your existing email account and is intelligent enough to learn your preferences over the time.


If you are looking for a  task management software  to help you out in managing you’re small or medium level venture, than go for TaskQue. It is a productivity management suite able to assist managers, supervisors and also team members to optimize resource allocation and maximize productivity through using a unique feature called Queue. Proper resource utilization is a major problem entrepreneurs face especially during the initial phase of setting up the business. TaskQue is the perfect solution as it aptly deals with this problem.

Apart from resource utilization, there are also some more amazing features like Discussions and summary which make top management’s job a lot easier.

Rescue Time

Rescue Time is an app that you can use for figuring out where you need to cut out distractions in your professional life. This app simply traces software’s and websites that you mostly use. With the help of analytics, it gives you suggestions about the most productive hours of the day so that you can increase your productivity by doing more in less time without any distraction.


IFTTT stands for “If, This, Then, That” and a smart program to simplify all sorts of productivity functions. IFTTT goes deep in finding the basic daily computer movements and detects patterns to automate those patterns for you. It’s a great tool for optimizing social media but also effective for a number of other tech apps or websites you use. It works in making sure you get the weather forecast daily at 7:00 a.m. or give you a reminder if you don’t hit your Fit bit goals in a certain time.

Thrive Day Planner

If you are thinking about optimizing each and every hour of your day, use Thrive Day Planner. It’s designed to perform in this way for busy entrepreneurs. It can help you out in mapping out a business strategy, setting growth goals and organizing business operations. While it has design and feel of a traditional organizer it markets itself as a digital tool that can be accessed from a computer, tablet or Smartphone. You also get daily quotes from top entrepreneurs as a nice way to start your day by getting the motivation to work hard and achieve all the success.

Fresh Books

Fresh books are a business accounting software that saves a lot of time and money if you are a busy entrepreneur. The firm claims to saves its clients an average of two days/month from everyday accounting tasks. Billed as an alternative to QuickBooks, it allows small businesses create invoices, track time, log receipts and invoice clients. You may know that tracking expenses is essential to managing a business and this tool makes the process quick and simple.

What are your favorite productivity tools? How do you use them? It’ll be a lot of help for the readers of this blog if you can share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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