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Treat a Loved One to a Lifetime Treat by Gifting Up To $1,000

by Olufisayo
Happy Family

It’s always fun to treat a loved one to a dainty treat whether you are there or absent. And it is possible to gift someone with any amount from thousands of miles away. You can send your gift via email, regular mail or have your loved one print it from home. In this way, you can send your loved ones to where to go eat and suggest what to eat. And you can send a friend to the cinema or a dinner at some restaurant with a gift card.

Using Giftly, you can create and send a thoughtful and customizable gift to your loved ones and even see them share how they spend your money gift. With a Giftly Prepaid Gift – sometimes called a Giftly Gift – your loved ones can receive a prepaid gifted fund with suggestions on how the money can be spent. Regardless of where the recipients are, you can send Giftly Gifts to them electronically, in the mail or have them print it from their home computer.

Happy Family

Giftly funds sent to people do not expire and the sender does not incur any fees for remaining dormant. With a Giftly Prepaid Gift issued by Sunrise Banks and the Giftly Visa Gift Card issued by MetaBank, you can redeem the card on the product’s website and spend at any merchant store in the United States but not outside the U.S.

You can spend your Giftly Gift at any store regardless of what they sell in the U.S. You can use it at restaurants, spas and beauty saloon, sports facility, outdoor and travel activity, casino, airflight trips, and shopping malls as well as buy pounds of plastic without hindrance.

In case you are not sure how to proceed with gifting card that people will appreciate, then you should check out the following tips:

  • Let your intended recipient choose what they want to buy or where to buy it with the gifted card. Your loved ones will appreciate it if they are able to spend their gifts cards anywhere they like without being necessarily confined to a particular merchant or location.
  • Let it be possible for your loved ones to spend the Giftly cards at a local store near to them instead of visiting some distance spots.
  • Personalize the gift by writing a short, personal message with some tell-tale design to get the intended recipient attracted to the card at first sight.
  • Send off your gift card in time to enable your loved ones receive it in time. If you send it late, the mail service might not deliver it in time especially if it is a festive period. But when dispatched early enough, your loved ones will get it fast enough especially if sent electronically.

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