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Two Fashion and Accessories Print On Demand Home Businesses for Sale on ExchangeMarketplace

by Olufisayo

Home businesses are businesses that are run from one’s home wherein the entrepreneur saves on rental costs while being able to juggle between work and family tasks simultaneously. This works as a huge advantage for women in particular, who want to start their own business without compromising on family life. Home businesses also develop a customer based out of their informal social networks. These businesses readily offer customized services and products. Print on demand is the latest trend for budding businesses that are trying to cater to product customization. Businesses increase their stock of products and customize them according to the demand.

Here are two successful home businesses up for sale on Shopify’s Exchangemarketplace. These two businesses offer customised print on demand products and also offer drop shipping services.

Kitten Lingerie

This online store is a home business for sale that sells intimate fashion apparel, bath and body care products for women. It was started in 2015 out of an interest to create a comfortable shopping space for women. This online store has seen a slow but steady growth in the past 3 years. It offers a variety of intimate wear apparel, accessories and skin care products for women who want to spice up their love life. Unlike most apparel brands that cater to a stereotypical body type, Kitten Lingerie is open to designing and customizing apparel for various, diverse body types. This business belongs to a niche apparel group which is becoming increasingly popular among women of all age groups which makes for a wide customer base with huge potential.


Intimate Wear, Bath and Body Care For Women

Kitten Lingerie has been making an average monthly revenue of $330 with an average 25 transactions per month. It has a solid profit margin at 75% with an average profit of $150 a month. What makes this business a promising venture to buy is its indicator of high website traffic performance with an average of 1672 sessions per month (total of 76,956 in the last 3 years).


Total Revenue of $15,194 since July 2015


This home business for sale is listed on ExchangeMarketplace for $6500. Being a home business, it has very low maintenance expenditures. At $30, the domain name and the Shopify plan are the main costs. However, this business has plenty of potential to grow in terms of of marketing and advertising. Upon sale, the buyer will have access to the logo and branding assets, the domain, the mailing list of subscribers and the social media following. Loveta’s maintenance expenditures at $30 include the Shopify plan and the domain name.

Anyone looking to step into the fashion apparel industry and head a business that can be managed and run from the comfort of their homes, selling niche products that require marketing talent, must consider Kitten Lingerie.

Loveta Jewelry

Loveta is an online business that sells fashion jewelry. Its print on demand products are made available through drop shipping services.  This home business for sale  offers modern, elegant jewelry made from precious stones and metals that are suitable for women belonging to all age groups. The seller comes  with years of expertise in the diamond and jewelry business. This ensures that the business has a firm knowledge base and offers quality products. Targeting women belonging to diverse groups and professions, Loveta strives to make customized, high quality jewelry symbolizing woman power.


 Jewelry for the woman who desires freedom.

This home business is based out of New York city and does not have any inventory, which makes it convenient to manage and run from anywhere in the world.

Loveta has seen a sharp and sudden growth spurt in its revenue in the last two quarter of 2018. This is indicative of the rigorous foundational work that has gone into setting up the business and building networks with suppliers.

This business has great potential for being marketed greatly in order to broaden the customer base. Marketing campaigns through email and social media would go a great way in building brand awareness.

This home business for sale is listed at $3000 on ExchangeMarketplace. Upon sale, the buyer will get access to the logo and branding assets, the domain name, product photos, contacts of suppliers and the social media following. The seller is willing to provide personal support in managing the business initially and is also willing to share contacts of diamond cutters and jewelry casters in the New York city.

Loveta is a highly profitable and promising business in the jewelry category. Those of you who are looking for a convenient home run business in this field must consider Loveta.

Loveta and Kitten Lingerie are good examples of well-run home businesses that offer customized products. They believe in catering to the needs of their customers in a unique way and believe in doing so smartly.

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