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4 Types of Cranes Used in Construction

by Olufisayo
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Did you know that over 100,000 cranes are used for construction as to date? And while this number may overwhelm you, there are key cranes specifically used for different construction projects.

Let’s face it. If you’re just starting a construction company, you want to know where to invest your dollars. And knowing exactly what cranes you’ll need for your upcoming project will help you in the long run.

If you run a construction business you will need to know your cranes. Here are the main types of cranes used in construction.

1. Mobile Cranes

When it comes to learning the different types of cranes, a mobile crane is going to be your most basic type. If you’re looking for a versatile crane that allows you to not only lift material but move it to a different location fluidly, you will want your construction business to invest in a mobile crane.

Unlike the overhead crane, mobile cranes are extremely agile because of the way they’re hinged. Think of it as a telescopic crane mounted on a moving platform raised and lowered by cylinders.

2. Telescopic Crane

Similar to the functionality of a telescope, this crane is one of the most popular types of cranes. Because it extends and retracts via the internal tubes, most cranes are considered to be some sort of telescopic crane. But the lattice boom crane is an exception. This kind of telescopic crane is already set to a height and bolted.

Be sure to check out companies like Kor-Pak who specialize in selling aftermarket parts that will help upgrade your current crane to optimal functionality.

3. Overhead Crane

Also known as a suspended crane, overhead cranes are popular amongst factory workers. Because of their ability to lift really heavy loads, these are ideal for shipyards and outdoor plants.

Composed of one or two beams, these suspended cranes usually only move in one direction. A skilled operator will be able to move the heavy equipment laterally at any angle even though the hoist is set in one direction.

4. Tower Crane

We couldn’t get through our list without mentioning the tower crane. If you were ever curious about how towering skyscrapers are put together, these are the cranes that were used. Because of its ability to reach great heights and lift heavy equipment, tower cranes are perfect for constructing tall buildings.

When operating these tower cranes, one thing to monitor is height control. After a certain amount of feet, the tower can sway or tip if it isn’t supported by the building.

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