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The Different Types of Online Payments for Your eCommerce Site

by Olufisayo
Types of Online Payments

When starting an online business, it’s essential to have different ways customers can pay for your products or services. Finding the right payment platform suitable for your site is crucial for the success of your eCommerce business.

Different customers who visit your site will prefer various online payment solutions and figuring the ones that appeal to most of your customers is a critical step. So for example, if majority of your customers are coming from Indonesia, it is highly recommended to choose from the most reliable payment gateways in Indonesia.

In this article, we outline different online payment methods you can use for your online business.

Credit or debit card payments

Credit cards are the most used online payment method. By allowing credit card payments on your eCommerce site, you are widening your customer base.

Credit cards are simple to use once a customer gets to the checkout page. They fillouttheir details, and your payment processorwill process the transaction, and you get themoney instantly.

On the other hand, debit cards are also another method similar to credit card payments. The only difference is customers using debit cards already have the money in their bank accounts. Both of these methods make payingfor products orservicesonline easier.

Mobile payments

Mobile payment methods have become so popular. It is estimated that in 2020 during the pandemic, the growth of mobile payments was so vast that it is estimated to reach $58 billion and is expected to grow in coming years.

Integrating ways to accept mobile payments on your eCommerce site is also beneficial because it’s also a popular method of payment that customers prefer. Almost everyone owns a mobile phone, so they also prefer to pay for stuff they shop for online with their phones.

Bank transfer

Bank transfers are another secure online payment method. Although nowadays bank transfer is not a popular method, some customers still prefer to use it. With bank transfers, a customer has to authorize payments from their accounts before the transaction is processed. This makes the whole process slow and takes much longer.


E-checks work the same way as typical checks. The only difference is that e-checks are processed online and eliminate the processing challenges usually seen with standard checks.

E-checks are a convenient payment method for online shoppers because they are easy to use, have lower processing fees, and are better for larger sale volumes.


E-wallets are another online payment method that offers convenience for online shoppers. Integrating this method on your site makes the checkout process for your customers easier because, with a few clicks, you are done.

To pay using wallets, customers have to link the e-wallet with their bank accounts. Once they get to the checkout page, they must enter a password and complete the transaction. Most people prefer e-wallets because you don’t have to fill in any information to buy a product or service online, unlike credit cards or debit cards.

Having different payment options on your eCommerce site ensures customers have options to pay for products or services on your site. Givingcustomersoptions to pay on your site will increase your customer base and also increase your sales.

Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

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