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Quick Tips to Keep In Mind When Using Essential Oils for Bath

by Olufisayo
Using Essential Oils for Bath

Using Essential Oils for bathing purposes is one of the most famous methods. Making use of such oils can be very therapeutic and relaxing for your body if the right rules are followed throughout. Almost everyone should treat themselves to the goodness of Aromatherapy bath once in a while. But, it can also turn out to be harmful if one does not follow the most important rule of ‘dispersing.’

If one adds essential oils directly into the water, an undiluted solution will be formed. This is also likely to cause irritation and will prick. In order to make essential oil for bath pleasant and relaxing, following appropriate safety tips is vital.

Some Safety Tips To Follow To Enjoy The Goodness Of Essential Oils

1. Mix And Pour

You must never add a few drops of any essential oil directly into the water. Since essential oils are never water-soluble, they never mix with water. So, the oil will automatically start floating on the water surface. When this oil comes in contact with your skin, it is bound to cause irritation and burning.

In order to prevent this, you must always mix the essential oil with a Carrier Oil as it is very gentle for the skin. You can rub the Carrier Oil directly on your skin or even pour a few drops directly into the tub.

2. Use Vegetable Oil As The Carrier Oil

It will work like a charm if you thoroughly mix vegetable oils like Sunflower, Coconut, or Olive Oil with a few drops of essential oil. But instead of adding this blended oil directly to the tub, it is advisable to rub it directly on your body. This will avoid all the greasiness of the tub, thus making you enjoy maximum benefits.

3. Add The Essential Oil When Water Is Running

It will be a lot more beneficial if you add essential oil when the water is running. This will allow the oil to diffuse and give off a pleasing odor that will elevate your mood. If you wish to experience a balanced bath, feel free to add a few drops of the diluted oil to Epsom Salt. This will provide you with the goodness of the ultimate relaxing and soothing bath your body will require.

4. Use Necessary Precautions For Some Essential Oils

Many essential oils are quite simple to soak in. On the other hand, some other oils contain Citrus scents. Such Citrus essential oils can be quite harmful as they cause your skin to become greatly photosensitive. This means that after taking a bath using such oils, you must not expose yourself to the Sun for 72 hours. Here, applying sunscreen will also not work and cause major risks for your skin, like dark spots and severe burns.

5. Apply The Essential Oil Blend Directly To the Skin

If you do not wish to perform a full-fledged Aromatherapy session, you can also bathe yourself in bathwater and directly apply the oil to your skin. This will allow you to reap maximum benefits as by doing so, you will attain the goodness of its soothing smell. You will also prevent wasting of the oil as you are directly applying the diluted version by adding it to the bathwater.

But, before doing this, always make sure to conduct a patch test the day before. This will allow you to see whether you develop any reactions due to the essential oil.

6. Clean Your Bathtub After Use

If you drain out the water and forget to clean the oil that remains, your tub is likely to become slippery. You can prevent this beforehand by making use of a Carrier Oil, which does not stick. For cleaning your bathtub to get rid of the slippery texture, scrub it using Baking Soda or Sea Salt. After this, rinse it properly, and you are done!

Benefits Of Using Essential Oils During Bathtime

1. Relieves A Person From Headaches

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to help a great deal in relieving a person from psychological issues like headaches, migraines, and Insomnia. These oils’ relaxing and soothing scent can help you get rid of anxiety and be immersed in the goodness of a rejuvenating bath.

2. Allows To Sleep Comfortably

Bathing in water filled with the nourishment of essential oils can help insomniacs receive sound and restful sleep at night. This is because, after taking a bath, most people with Insomnia will notice an increase in their Melatonin level. If you are facing troubles while sleeping, opt for an essential oil bath and see the transformation for yourself.

3. Say Goodbye To Stress And Muscle Pains

Aromatherapy helps a great deal in relieving stress, anxiety, and muscle pains which cause great suffering to people. If you wish to get rid of soreness and want to have a stress-free time, opting for an essential oil bath is the right way to go.

4. Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Certain essential oils are filled with the goodness of anti-inflammatory as well as antioxidant properties. This allows one to say goodbye to the struggles of inflammation and promote better skin health.

5. Keeps The Heart Healthy

Keeping your heart healthy and stable is key to a good life. Immersing yourself in the goodness of essential oil baths can work like a charm in lowering your body’s blood pressure rate. Bathing in essential oils can also relieve you of the risk of heart attacks and strokes. The increase in blood flow guarantees more energy in your body, making you feel energized throughout the day.

The Bottom Line

If you wish to truly reap the benefits of bathing with essential oils, follow all the precautions stated above. This will guarantee a soothing and pleasant bathtime, which is sure to leave you stress-free and satisfied. Also, there are plenty of benefits of soaking essential oils in water. So, if you want to keep your mind and body healthy, this is the right way to go!

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