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How to Send 15,000 Emails Every Month for Free Using Sendpulse at Zero Costs

by Olufisayo
Using Sendpulse at Zero Costs

Sustainable internet wealth creation goes hand-in-hand with successful email marketing. And your email marketing campaign can never be successful if recipients within your mailing list do not open to them.  Many online marketers struggle to make money because their mailing list contacts do not open or respond to their newsletters. But getting your mailing list to open and act on your sent newsletters shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

Not when SendPulse has come to the rescue.

SendPulse is the perfect tool to making your email marketing campaigns work.  And you do not have to pay for this if you don’t want to. SendPulse is designed to promote your online business through three key marketing initiatives. These are –

Using Sendpulse at Zero Costs

Email Marketing

SendPulse is designed to help you create visually appealing and actionable emails from hundreds of responsive templates. This email marketing technology is built with one sole purpose in mind: to increase email open rates by over 50%. What this means is that contacts within your mailing list will no longer ignore your emails/newsletters, their chances of opening and acting on your emails will increase by over 50%.

And what’s more? You can send up to 15,000 emails for free per month – on the free pricing plan.

Web Push Notifications

Web push enables contacts on your mailing list to receive notifications where they missed out on receiving or opening your emails/newsletters. Althoughs settings on your computer’s browser must be enabled to receive web push notifications, it is essential to reaching your contacts with updates on whatever device they are on. Moreso, it works on all browsers.

Web push notifications has the potential not to overcrowd your contacts email channels, they only receive it when their internet connection is switched on. It can contain a little actionable text message with inserted links; and the clickthrough rate and other necessary stats can be monitored for better optimization.

Bulk SMS

SendPulse is able to help you reach your mailing list subscribers via SMS messages where everything else fails. So long you have your subscribers’ phone numbers in your database, you can easily reach them anywhere and at anytime via SendPulse’s bulk SMS technology.

Other SendPulse’s Offerings

SendPulse’s SMTP Server ensures the deliverability of your email newsletters from reliable servers. You can be rested with full assurance that your marketing email messages will be delivered without fail using any of your chosen web applications or tools. The SMTP Server is configured with high ranking internet protocols that ensure email inbox delivery via compliance with most email providers’ technical requirements.

Furthermore, SendPulse has a tool known as REST API. It is built to help web professionals personally engineer their online digital resources without any hassles.

Why SendPulse Beats Other Email Services Hands Down

Truth be told, SendPulse is not the only email delivery service out there. There are –

  • Constant Contact
  • SendGrid
  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign, etc.

But none packs the punch that SendPulse offers. Many of the others remain in business largely because of the wide reviews they garner, but SendPulse is all about functionality, performance, and reliability.

Here are some of the few reasons why SendPulse trumps them all when it comes to email delivery that gets results –

Artificial intelligence

SendPulse’s artificial intelligence technology is engineered to improve clickthrough rates for your email campaigns. Enhanced with personalized emails, optimized message content and delivery preferences, SendPulse’s AI is the perfect tool to reaching your subscribers at all costs and in all situations.

  • Responsive emails on all computer screens and devices
  • Potential to create professional emails and edit existing templates
  • Scheduler that sends out your email newsletters at specified times and dates
  • Subscription form for collecting email addresses on websites
  • Resend unopened emails to subscribers
  • Complete analytics to understand opened emails, unopened emails, clicked links, location of subscribers

SendPulse is the best automated email marketing software you can ever come across in the market today. And then, it is a breeze to integrate into any CMS systems or ecommerce store. Try SendPulse for free today at no costs whatever, and only upgrade to paid subscription when you desire it.

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