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Why Every Business Must Have A Viable Road Safety Policy

by Olufisayo
Road Safety Policy

Whether you run a transport business or operate in any other domain, your employees have to drive to work at all times. There is always a possibility of a mishap when behind the wheel. But the worst thing about accidents happening on official trips is that your business has to pay for the negligence of the employees. Even if they are not at fault, mishaps and injuries spell trouble for your organization. You may have to pay hefty amounts as workers’ compensation and damage control.

The best way to prevent such problems is by having a road safety policy in place. It can protect your organization from insurance and legal claims even if something goes amiss. Most importantly, it can go a long way in preventing mishaps and safeguarding your people and property from damage. Let us explain why a viable road safety policy is essential for every business.

The consequences of not having a road safety policy are dire

Without a road safety policy, the risk of employees getting into an accident runs high. They may not be aware of ways to stay safe on the road. When there are no rules and norms for employees, the motivation to drive safely is minimal. The worst part of road accidents at work is that the legal liability falls upon your company instead of the person behind the wheel. You may have to pay hefty penalties to victims suffering due to the negligence of your employees.

Lawsuits can drastically affect your business’s funds, with unexpected expenses such as insurance, court expenses, and the cost of repairs to your vehicles. Even worse, your reputation can take a hit due to the negligent behavior of your employees. Enforcing a safety policy makes people more conscious while operating business vehicles, limiting the dire consequences of mishaps.

Ensuring maximum road safety is easy

Surprisingly, ensuring maximum safety on the road is easy for businesses. You only need to implement some measures to stay ahead of the risks, no matter what the size of your fleet. Before implementing a policy, you must consider day-to-day actions to prevent accidents in the first place.

Start by investing in fleet tracking technology to monitor your employees remotely and flag inappropriate driving behavior. These include speeding, skipping signals, and braking harshly. You can identify unsafe drivers and get them off driving duties.

It is crucial to educate your drivers about the bane of drunken driving. Whether they drive on or off duty, they must avoid DUI charges. But things may still go haywire, so you may need to contact a DUI lawyer if a driver gets in trouble for the offense.

Besides encouraging safe behavior for the employees, you must invest in high-quality vehicles with advanced safety features. Conducting regular vehicle checks is equally crucial as they are less likely to malfunction on the road. Moreover, optimal maintenance can save you a fortune down the line as it prolongs the lifespan of your vehicles.

Outline safety policies for your employees

Defining road safety policy for your business gives you a good start, but make sure it is not just a set of guidelines. Outline them to your employees and set clear expectations for unconditional adherence. Employees should know the consequences of drunk driving, using phones while behind the wheel, and not sticking to road rules. Enforce strict disciplinary action against people who fail to follow the policy. It sets an example for everyone else on the team.

Besides banning the wrong practices, outline the correct driver behavior you expect clients to follow. Also, highlight the importance of self-care while driving because it goes a long way in preventing unavoidable mishaps. Regular driving training should be a part of business operations. You must go the extra mile with background checks and training sessions for new hires. Stipulate the rules and refresh them from time to time according to the changes in your fleet size and vehicle types.

Road safety should matter a lot for all businesses. Whether you let a couple of employees drive company cars or have a team of drivers to operate a huge fleet, you must not go slack with their driving behavior. A minor error can lead to disastrous consequences, risking your employees and others on the road.

You cannot undermine the legal and financial repercussions of such mishaps. Luckily, a viable road safety policy can reduce the risk of accidents and ensure the smooth running of your business over the years. Focus on creating and implementing a strategic plan to cover all the risks and define damage control measures.

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

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