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Promotional Video Production Tips with a Twist

by Olufisayo
Promotional Video Production Tips with a Twist

Promotional videos are a great way to attract potential customers. They can easily give any clients and future customers the gist of not only your company, but also the products or services that you offer in just a few minutes.

That’s why it is essential if you are making a promotional video, especially for the first time, that you follow many of the tips and ideas below.

But, it is really important to understand that making a promotional video is something that should involve quite a bit of thought and planning. After all, for many people out there, this video will be the very first impression of your company that they will encounter, so you certainly want to make sure that you are going to leave them with a great impression and a desire to buy as well.

Who is the video for?

The most important thing for any company to understand when they are starting to undertake a promotional or marketing campaign is that they will need to have an exact understanding of who their target market is going to be.

It’s quite difficult to make a high quality video if you are not sure exactly who your video will be speaking to when you have set out filming. Ideally, you will already have an idea of who your customer is and the ways in which you are planning to target them, but if you have not, this is the perfect time to start putting pen to paper on the topic.

What is the message going to be?

Once you have determined who it is you want your video to speak to, then it is time to really plan out exactly what your message is going to be. Obviously, you want any promotional video to have a clear message, to be entertaining and to be concise.

Videos around the five minute mark have been found to be the perfect time frame that anyone is going to be willing to sit and watch. And this is especially true for those who have not come across your company before. People now have short attention spans, and in order to stick with a full video, they must have their attention piqued in the first few seconds.

Market research

Another great idea is to do a bit of market research. Understand what promotional videos have been popular or successful in the past. A really good place to start in doing some research would be with television commercials. Find some that have been universally praised and take a few moments to understand what message they are getting across and the way they are promoting that message. There certainly could be a few tips you could learn just from watching those videos.

Another place to do some research would be to look at viral videos. There is a compelling reason, after all, why one video becomes a viral sensation, while millions of others barely ever get any views. Find out what it is that might tie all of these viral videos together. Were they pulling at certain emotions, were they very funny, were they amazingly simple? Take time to investigate those questions.

Simplicity is key

Many professional promotional video experts also recommend that you keep the video simple. Do not waste a lot of time and money putting flash and sparkle into your video, because more often than not, it won’t end up adding much to the total finished product, and many consumers won’t even notice. You want to be able to get a great return on investment for your promotional video, so keep to a budget that is going to serve your purpose and meet your needs.

Professional help

It also cannot be understated how important it is to have a qualified professional edit your promotional video. While you certainly do not want to blow your budget, especially if it is small, you also want to avoid making anything that seems like a home movie if you can avoid it. A professional editor or the best text to speech software or editing company will be able to make sure that your video hits all its points, is cut properly and has just the right music or voice over points.

As you can see, a promotional video can be something that is quite complicated in the long run. There is certainly more to making a video than shooting a few actors and adding music. And this is especially true if you are demined to make a video which will provide you with a way to connect with customers. It is because of this connection, that you will hopefully be able to turn any potential customers or clients into actual buyers of your product in the long run.

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