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What Are Virtual Assistant Jobs + Why Should Your Company Create One?

by Olufisayo
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The Covid pandemic created a nearly unparalleled transition from in-office positions to remote positions, with around 40% of professionals not occupying a remote position. While this may prove temporary for some, it’ll prove permanent for many others.

Of course, this mass transition from in-person positions to remote positions puts additional strains on everyone, even with remote work technologies improving at a phenomenal rate. That means that everyone, but especially business owners and executives, needs more help. Enter virtual assistant jobs for the win.

Never used virtual assistants before? Keep reading for an overview of virtual assistant jobs and why your company should create one.

What Is a Virtual Assistant?

In practical terms, a virtual assistant isn’t much different from an assistant who works in your office. It’s a person who handles mundane tasks to keep them off of your plate. The only real difference is that now both you and the virtual assistant like work from virtual offices or remote offices.

What Do Virtual Assistants Do?

What your virtual assistant will do depends a lot on the virtual assistant job description you post. Some virtual assistants will take on almost everything, while others specialize in certain areas. For example, one virtual assistant might happily take on marketing tasks while another won’t touch marketing.

In general, though, a VA will handle:

  • Appointment setting
  • Some event management
  • Cover calls and basic email correspondence
  • Report writing

Make sure your job description covers all the bases, so you don’t get bad candidates.

Virtual Assistant Benefits

Whether you offer part-time virtual assistant jobs or full time remote virtual assistant jobs, you can expect certain benefits. The most important benefit you get is some of your time back.

All those mundane tasks the VA does for you frees up precious minutes and hours in your day. You can spend your day on more valuable tasks.

You typically also see an uptick in your work quality. Since the assistant fields things like calls and emails, you get fewer distractions. That means fewer interruptions and more concentrated thinking.

Why Your Company Should Create a Virtual Assistant Position

Even if you don’t need a VA, there is a good chance that someone in your organization is overloaded in some way. Creating a virtual assistant position lets that person offload their mundane tasks and focus on essential business operations. In the end, you get a more efficient organization.

Virtual Assistant Jobs and Your Business

Virtual assistant jobs don’t always look like a natural fit, but the mass movement into remote works makes them ideal now. Unlike many office workers, virtual assistants won’t need an adjustment period to figure out how remote work actually works. They already know.

While they will still need some time to get used to your company culture, that’s less critical in remote positions. That means they can hit the ground running far better and faster than most.

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