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The 3 Tips for Improving Warehouse Operations

by Olufisayo
Warehouse Operations

There is a lot of competition for fulfillment centers these days. People ordering from online e-commerce stores expect to get their deliveries within a day or two. This means that warehouse operations and processes need to be streamlined to work at peak efficiency at all times.

If there are bottlenecks to the operation then many e-commerce retailers will look elsewhere for their fulfillment services. The nice news is that improving warehouse operations for efficiency is not really that difficult.

It takes a few procedures to put into place and then to stick with them to see some results. In this article, we will go over how your warehouse or fulfillment operation can be improved with a few simple steps.

1 – Have a delivery system

One of the biggest obstacles to running an efficient warehouse is how the deliveries are handled when getting them from the warehouse loading dock to the storage area. There needs to be a dedicated system that gets them from the dock to their appropriate aisles and on the shelves as quickly as possible.

Goods that are left on the dock are also a safety hazard and need to be cleared away so they don’t obstruct the workers trying to unload the next truck delivery.

Use a software system that allows for easy scanning so they can be processed quickly and then sent on their way to the warehouse. This onboarding procedure will ensure that packages are processed and available to ship right away.

Shipping dock management these days relies on a lean operation that allows for flexibility and an increase in reliability from a rapid sharing of information.

2 – Have multiple channels

Fulfillment these days involved multiple centers in various parts of the country. When centers are linked up thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), it makes getting packages to customers very fast.

Coordination is key so having a good system that is linked is very important. Using AI will also help matters since it can determine how much of a product should be sent to the various locations based on the order history.

The result is also smaller warehouses with a smaller workforce required in each of them. This saves money in the long run while adding revenue even though there is a high cost to run multiple centers at once.

3 – Run frequent audits

Audits are really the only way to identify bottlenecks. It will be obvious that there are some getting in the way since there will be delays and a lack of organization. An audit will help to see what the actual issue is so it is easier to come up with a strategy to remove it.

An audit can give a good perspective on the delivery scheduling for instance if that is where some of the problems lie. Even when a problem is not so obvious or the factors in place are building up to a future problem, an audit can help spot them.

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