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The Importance of Getting the Right Warehouse Shelving System for Your Business

by Olufisayo
Warehouse Shelving System

Whether you are running a warehouse or a supermarket, you have to admit that getting the right shelving system is something you should prioritize. Because without one, it’ll only be about the time before your growing business encounters problems with inefficiency.

The thing is, if you truly want your business to succeed, you better start investing in the right materials that would help you better meet the demands of your customers.

Still want to think things through before you get a shelving system? Go ahead. But don’t reject the idea of a warehouse shelving system without getting to know these few facts first.

3 Major Benefits of Having The Right Warehouse Shelving System

A shelving system is one of the main warehouse storage solutions to consider if you want to improve your business. Here are 3 important benefits you can experience if you decide to get the right warehouse shelving system for your business.

1. Overall Organization

Do you have any idea how much organizing, checking, and picking happens during an average eCommerce business’ daily operations today? We guess it’s safe to say that if you handle 1000 transactions per day, that is 1000 times worth of product picking. Can you imagine finding thousands of products every week from a messy inventory room? Neither could we.

The word “system” itself already gives off a sense of organization. One of the most obvious and useful benefits of having a warehouse shelving system is the added structure that comes with it. For example, a personalized shelving system that’s developed for your specific needs can easily be used to accommodate all your products. Your employees will also have an easier time finding and checking products.

2. Maximized Storage Space

Another great benefit of having a shelving system for your business is maximized storage space. Think about it this way, if your products are scattered across your warehouse or inventory room, you may have a difficult time storing new incoming products. With the right shelving system for your business, you won’t have to face such unexpected situations when it comes to storage because you’ll always have room for more.

3. Enhanced Employee Safety

All business sites should comply with safety standards. Since shelving systems are usually properly designed and well-planned out, having one for your business can help reduce the risk for accidents. Every day huge businesses encounter accidental injuries on the production floor. Some of those injuries are caused by mishandled products due to a lack of a safer working environment.

By incorporating a shelving system into your business site, you make sure that the working environment is safe for all your employees. Hence fewer accidental injuries and unnecessary costs.

Warehouse Shelving System

Things To Consider When Choosing a Shelving System For Your Business

Now that you are well aware of the different benefits of having the right shelving system for your business, you might want to get one as soon as possible. That’s a great idea, however, don’t go buying one without knowing how to choose the right one for your business.

Here are some things you may want to consider as you choose a warehouse shelving system for your business.

1. What type of business do you have?

Before you choose a warehouse shelving system, you should first identify what kind of business you have. For example, if you’re running a warehouse, then you might do just fine with selective pallet racking. But if you want an easy storage solution for smaller products, you may want to go with boltless shelving instead.

2. How much is your budget?

Costing is very important that you need to consider before anything else. It would drive all your decisions when it comes to choosing a shelving system. Which is why it’s better for you to set a certain budget in mind that wouldn’t damage your profit.

3. How much space do you need?

To answer this question, you should already have figured out what type of business you have. Another thing you should consider is the amount of supply and demand your business faces. Future projections are also great for enhanced flexibility when choosing the right shelving system. Lastly, if you’re unsure, do try to consider heavy load-bearing shelving for added versatility.

4. Will you require equipment?

The kind of equipment you’ll need will heavily depend on what kind of shelving system you will install. If you’re planning to install a huge shelving system, you may want to consider getting equipment that will provide you with the most versatility. You may also want to check out second-hand equipment if you want to save a couple of bucks.

Different Types of Shelving Systems

Just to give you an idea of what kind of shelving systems you can get for your business, here are three different kinds of popular shelving systems today.

1. Rotary Shelving

Rotary shelves are a popular choice because it lets you make the most out of a small space. These are usually made with rotating cabinets for light items. It’s a great choice for the office. What’s more, is, you can have it personalized with a glass cover for added elegance. However, if you prefer to use it for quick sorting and finding, you may be better off without any covers.

2. Aesthetic Shelving

This type of shelving is usually great for customer use. If you were say, running a supermarket, you might be better off using pure steel. On the other hand, if you’re running a hardware store, then you may not have any need for aesthetically pleasing shelving.

3. Multilevel Racking System

This type is probably the best choice for maximizing space. It’s very flexible, space-saving, and cost-efficient. You see, if you have this huge influx of products coming in, you wouldn’t need to buy or rent an extra warehouse. Instead, you can just create various levels of storage with a multilevel racking system.

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