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A Few Ways Barcodes Can Help Your Small Business

by Olufisayo

The main reasons to use barcodes in your business

Barcodes are an invaluable tool that you can use to boost your small business in the competitive world of today. It is not enough to just exist as a business. You have to keep pushing and promoting your small business in order to ensure that more and more people know about what you can offer them.

As a small business owner anywhere in the world, it is important to make use of any and all of the tools and lifelines that are available to you in order to ensure that your business thrives. Barcodes are one such lifeline.

Take control of your business

Starting your own business is a challenging prospect. It can be very intimidating. However, it does not have to be complicated or confusing. Barcodes are one way that you can take control of your small business. They give you complete control over your inventory from the start to the end of the sales process.

By investing in barcodes, you will open up new horizons for your products. Many retailers will not accept your products if they do not have barcodes. If you want to be taken seriously in the business world, investing in barcodes is a must. Retailers will take you seriously and want to stock your products. Your competition will know that you mean business. Even the general public will view your products in a new light.

The most common barcodes

One way to boost your small retail business is through the use of retail barcodes such as the very popular EAN and UPC codes. These American barcodes have spread throughout the world and as such, they are a must-have for businesses today.

The UPC is twelve digits long and the EAN is thirteen digits long – making it the more popular of the two. This is because they are more adaptive and versatile. Both of these codes are used in the retail industry from the beginning to the end of the sales process.

In the past, in order to sell a product in a store, it was necessary to manually search for the specific item on the store’s sales system. This was both time-consuming and risky – as it often led to mistakes being made and the wrong item being rung up on the sales system. This often led to a loss of profits.

As a small business, one cannot afford to waste any time or money. A business can be viewed as a ship or a boat. If you have a small hole in the bottom of the boat, you will slowly sink. Since the invention of barcodes, businesses have been able to prevent a loss of profits due to human mistakes.

Barcodes are one way to ensure that you don’t waste unnecessary money. It is a way to bolster your business and make sure that your boat does not sink. Nowadays, in order to sell a specific item of stock, all the retail assistant has to do is to scan the item into their sales system. No mess. No mess, no fuss, and no mistakes.

Barcodes also help with stock control and inventory. In the past, businesses were forced to close their doors while they did regular stock checks and kept their inventory as accurate as possible. However, these days stock checks can be done while the shop is still open as usual. This means that your business won’t have to lose money from missed sales in order to keep your inventory up to date.

QR Codes

One of the main ways that barcodes can and will boost your small business is through Quick Response Codes. QR codes can be described as two-dimensional barcodes that are able to store information. They commonly store a business website or any other website that you choose.

What is important about these QR codes is that they can be scanned by Smartphones. They are used in several different ways within small and large businesses. Firstly, they can be used to promote your small business within the wider community.

By scanning your QR code, clients can access your website and find out all about your business. You can advertise any specials or promotions you are currently running and ensure that clients are well informed about all that you offer. You can place this QR code around your store or at your till.

Alternatively, you can place it on billboards or on your storefront window. By promoting your business with the use of QR codes, you will increase positive publicity. More people will be aware of your business and what it offers and will be more likely to become loyal customers.

The more publicity your business receives, the more revenue you can expect to receive. In this way, your business will be more likely to thrive in today’s competitive business world.


Snapscan is another use of these barcodes. This is a payment application that allows you to pay for products with your smartphone. Clients are very often in a rush to get through their day. They value the convenience of paying with their smartphones.

In addition to this, more and more clients are becoming reluctant to carry cards or cash around with them. This is partly due to safety concerns. By initiating Snapscan within your business, you will encourage more clients to frequent your store and become loyal customers.

The way it works is that clients load their card details onto the Snapscan application on their smartphones. This only has to be done once and then it will be loaded forever. It is safe and secure so there is no need to fear that anyone can access their card details. In order to pay for their products, clients must scan the code. This will link them to your website, where it will give them detailed instructions on how to pay.

Barcodes also help with the ordering process. It is critical that your store is kept well stocked with a wide variety of products in order to meet all your client’s needs and thereby boosting your sales margin. One can simply look at your sales system to see how much stock you have and when it is necessary to re-order. Clients are mad about convenience. If they know that they can get everything they need from your store, why would they go anywhere else?

In conclusion, barcodes can be used in so many different ways in order to promote your business in the modern world and increase your profit margins. Small business owners need all the help they can get in order to ensure that their business is a success. Barcode Solutions is ready and fully capable of helping you to boost your small business. We supply the highest quality barcodes at the lowest rates possible. We can help you to make sure that your business has what it needs to not only survive but to thrive.

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