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Transcription: 4 Ways This Ignored Ecommerce Practice Can Improve Your Workflow

by Olufisayo
Ways This Ignored Ecommerce Practice Can Improve Your Workflow

As video content adoption is increasingly incorporated into brand promotional strategies, a whole new world of digital marketing solutions is unfolding. One of the new marketing strategies only just beginning to be fully explored is transcription. But the effects of transcription are not limited to the realm of marketing. Making transcription a part of your business processes improves productivity and employee workflow.

At its core, transcription is turning audio into text. What was once used in entertainment to create subtitles, is now a valuable ecommerce tool to create more valuable content, increase accessibility, and improve worker productivity.

Here are the four ways transcription can improve your workflow and drive the growth of your ecommerce business. For more information on how transcription can benefit your business, visit Architekst.com.

Ways This Ignored Ecommerce Practice Can Improve Your Workflow

Increased Editing Efficiency

Having the written transcript of a video can greatly enhance a video editor’s productivity. They can use the script to mark points of reference and transitions, they can also quickly spot sections which need revision or cutting, without having to trawl through the video to find the exact point.

It Improves Employee Information Retention

Research indicates that visual input is far more readily retained in the human brain than audio input. This means, transcribing important meetings or phone conversations not only provides a readily accessible record of everything that transpired, it also provides a tool for employees to revisit and more readily commit important details to memory.

Additionally, having meetings and crucial client conversations transcribed also means employees do not have to take notes at the time, leaving them free to focus on more important things like creation, innovation, and building meaningful client relationships.

It Reduces the Risk for Claims

Transcription services have been used in the medical industry for decades as standard practice. The reason being that if all conversations are recorded and then transcribed and kept on record, there is less margin for errors in patient billing and misdiagnosis, ultimately reducing the margin for legal malpractice claims.

The same concept can be applied to ecommerce businesses and client relations. Transcribed meetings and important conversations serve as a record of what was discussed and agreed. This could help protect against legal challenges or disputes in the future.

Increased Employee Accessibility

Transcription is valuable for increasing the accessibility of content. This applies to everything in the workplace, from making meetings and audio conversations accessible to employees with disabilities, to allowing employees to quickly access information from meetings they were not able to attend in person, to expanding the reach of your promotional video content to clients and customers who may suffer from audio impairment.

Transcribing content, whatever the content, widely increases the accessibility and reach of that content, which can have significant implications in the ecommerce sector where reach is everything.

Find a professional transcription service to work with your company today to unlock the many workflow benefits without increasing the burden on your data-entry employees. Professional services will provide a quick turnaround of high-quality copy free from mistakes for your company records.

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