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Presenting Your Business in the Best Possible Light: 3 Ways to Appear More Professional When Meeting a Client

by Olufisayo
Ways to Appear More Professional When Meeting a Client

When potential clients walk into a business, there are several things they are going to notice. First impressions that are formed can be critical in keeping current clients and landing new ones. The vast majority of clients (as reported in a variety of surveys) value the cleanliness of a business.

Clients have reported that the cleanliness of a business is more important than the quality or speed of service that is offered. In addition to a clean work space, the way employees dress, how they interact with a client and the focus of the initial conversations with a new client are all important to presenting the business in a good light.

Ways to Appear More Professional When Meeting a Client

Cleanliness Matters

The lobby, bathroom, hallways, office areas and other spaces within a business

should be neat and clean at all times, but especially when a new client is coming in for a meeting. Clients may not sing the praises of the business if it is clean, but they surely will have a bad impression if any of the spaces are not clean. One way for a business to ensure they maintain a clean environment is by having quality equipment for the various cleaning jobs that need to get done. In addition to the equipment, it is important to have a maintenance staff that is well trained and takes pride in making the business space look amazing. Floors make up a great deal of space in most business settings, and that is why a quality floor scrubber is one of those must have pieces of quality equipment. It also helps to have a reliable floor scrubber service that can maintain and repair the cleaning equipment to ensure there is no disruption to the cleaning schedule.

Dress for Success

Once the cleanliness of a work space is taken care of, then it is up to the staff to enhance the positive impression that has been started. The way someone dresses for a business meeting will also have an impact on landing a new client. Again, a client is not necessarily going to sing the praises of someone because they dressed well, but they will have a negative impression if someone is under dressed. Clients should feel they are being taken seriously, and that they are being shown respect. Dressing well is a good way to set the table for that to happen.

Make Small Talk and Smile

Cleanliness and well dressed employees are going to help make a great first impression, but they are not going to ultimately land a new client on their own. A big smile and a bit of small talk can be the items that really help to close a deal. Often times sales people move toward the sales pitch too quickly without taking the time to get to know the client a bit better. When clients feel that they are welcome and that the business cares about more than just closing the deal, they are going to be more likely to want to invest in a relationship with that business.

The world of business, regardless of the field, is highly competitive. Landing new clients can come down to making a positive first impression. If a business is not clean, that new client is likely not going to want to come back. A lack of cleanliness will make a client question what else in the business is neglected. Keeping a business clean with quality staff and equipment is a sound investment to make. Once that is established then it is up to the employees to dress the part, smile, make the client feel comfortable, and let them know they are valued.

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