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7 Ways to Make Your Business Premises Safer For Visitors

by Olufisayo
Ways to Make Your Business Premises Safer

Whether you’re responsible for a construction site or a busy office, you’ll understand the need to keep your workers safe from injury and illness. Most likely you carry out training and awareness sessions to avoid accidents and ensure that, if they do happen, the correct procedures are followed.

However, visitors to your workplace won’t have had the benefit of these, so how do you increase the safety of your business premises for visitors  – and potentially avoid the need for finding a personal injury attorney to fight a claim for you. Here are 7 key areas to focus on to ensure your visitors stay safe.

Hygiene and social distancing measures

Virtually every business has had to adopt additional safety measures over the past year, due to the pandemic. However, even as life gradually returns to normal, it will be worth considering which of these should remain in place, and whether you should make some a permanent fixture – for example installing additional hand sanitizing stations.

First-aid provision

Ensuring you have enough qualified first-aiders in place who can take responsibility in case of an accident, at any time, is key.  An on-site defibrillator can save lives while waiting for an ambulance, so ensure that your team is confident in using one and that regular refresher training is carried out.

Risk assessments

If these aren’t already in place, carry out assessments to identify any potential safety hazards visitors may encounter, and the steps you could take to mitigate them.

Check furniture and equipment regularly

A collapsing chair, or even splinters on a wooden handrail, could result in injuries that not only result in pain for the victim but a personal injury claim against you. Schedule regular equipment checks, encourage your workforce to report any problems they become aware of – and take action before an accident happens.

Keep your areas free of trip hazards

While your employees will become used to, and know-how to avoid trailing cables, visitors can easily miss them, and a nasty fall can result. Be vigilant and take measures to remove or secure any trip hazards.

Draw attention to any hazards

Some hazards might exist due to the design of a building – for example, uneven step heights. While it may not be possible to change these, ensure you highlight the hazard with warnings at ground level, such as reflective adhesive tape, which will draw attention and ensure extra care will be taken.

Limitations of signs and notices

While your employees may understand how to stay safe, visitors may show less concern. For example, in a high-rise building, they’re unlikely to know the correct procedure in the event of a fire.  Staff should understand how to help visitors as part of their fire training, but clear signs and instructional notices prominently displayed can also raise awareness.

On a construction site, notices requiring visitors to observe safety practices should be highly visible. Workers should also be trained to ensure that visitors comply, and how to respond if they refuse. It’s in everyone’s interest that their workplace remains accident-free.

Photo by Ken Tomita from Pexels

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