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5 Fabulous Ways to Spruce up a Dull and Lifeless Office

by Olufisayo
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An office that looks depressing and isn’t remotely inviting is not likely to make employees feel particularly driven or motivated. If your office looks a bit like we’ve described, then why not give it a makeover? Not only will it give your premises a new lease of life but you could find that it makes your team far more productive and happier at work.

Here are 5 fabulous ways to spruce up a dull and lifeless office.

Change the furniture

If your office furniture is mismatched or isn’t fit for purpose, buying new could make a substantial impact. Matching desks, new chairs, and modern storage is a great way to give your office a new lease of life and make everyone more inclined to keep the place tidy.

Make your reception area feel inviting

If you host regular meetings with suppliers or clients, then you should have a welcoming reception area. A raised fronted desk is a good idea and will keep clutter hidden away, and quality sofas will help keep visitors comfortable while they wait.

Adding some modern planters from specialist planter companies such as PureModern is a great way to add some color and vibrancy to your reception area.

Keep your office clean

No-one wants to work in a dirty office, so as well as asking staff to clean away dirty coffee cups and keep desks tidy, you should hire a contract cleaner if you don’t already have one. Most businesses will have cleaners that come each evening to clean and vacuum.

It is also worth getting a window cleaner in to make sure your windows are debris-free. The more natural light that comes flooding in, the brighter and airier your office space will be.

Use your wall space

Another great way to spruce up a dull and lifeless office is to utilize the wall space you have. A noticeboard that everyone can use is a great idea. From company social events to stuff going on in the community, it’s a great way to get staff talking and promote better communication.

Having a sign bearing your company logo created and erected on the wall will make your office looks more professional, or if you prefer, some bespoke wall art is another option.

Promote teamwork

It isn’t just décor or cleanliness that can make an office feel dull and lifeless. If you could cut the atmosphere with a knife or communication skills aren’t particularly effective, it can have the same effect.

Promoting teamwork and inter-departmental communication could change this drastically. Staff will get to know each other a lot better, productivity should increase, and there will be a lovely buzz about the place.

An office filled with colleagues that get on and enjoy a bit of banter once in a while is likely to be far more productive than one where no one talks to each other. Promote teamwork where you can and strive to make your office a lovely place to be.

Photo by Proxyclick Visitor Management System from Pexels

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