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What Are the Skills Required for a PHP Developer?

by Olufisayo
Skills Required for a PHP Developer

Whether you realize it or not, PHP is a big part of our daily lives. Many of the websites we visit and the applications we use run on this server-side programming language. A majority of sites, including big names like Facebook, Zoom, and Wikipedia, utilize PHP. With such credentials, it’s safe to say that this language isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Must-Have Skills for a PHP Programmer

A good programmer in any language needs a strong grasp of the basic concepts. They include algorithms and data types and structures. Because the landscape is constantly evolving, being good at programming means keeping abreast of the latest technology. Looking to hire PHP developers and wondering how to pick the best? Wondering what skills the best PHP developers possess? Read on.

Good at Relevant Languages and Database Concepts

The best developers understand how things work on the server as well as the client. If you want someone good at PHP, make sure they at least know the basics, concepts, and features of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. By doing so, they’ll create applications with the user’s experience in mind.

In addition, PHP goes hand in hand with MySQL, so a firm knowledge of databases can’t be bad. Basically, a great PHP programmer understands what their colleagues are doing – that will make them a team player.

Familiar With PHP Best Practices and Design Patterns

A good developer must know the best practices and design patterns. They’ll solve problems quicker and gain reusable development frameworks. Factory, Strategy, and Singleton are some of the most tried and tested design patterns out there.

Regardless of what it is, the internet is the best source of knowledge. The PHP community is the most helpful resource for any developer. A skilled programmer knows how to reach out and ask questions when they are stuck. Because PHP is so widely used, chances are high that the issue isn’t a unique one.

Excellent PHP Debugging Techniques

Debugging is an annoying and unavoidable part of programming. An application generally doesn’t run perfectly on the first try. Therefore, knowing the ins and outs of fixing bugs is essential for a PHP developer.

To start, a PHP programmer needs to have a set of tools on hand, like Xdebug, phpdbg, and phptrace, among others. The ever-popular Xdebug allows remote debugging and lets developers run through their code with step-by-step execution so they can inspect their variables accordingly.

Effective at Solving Problems

Solving software development problems comes down to these four simple steps:

  • Identifying the issue
  • Gathering what information is available
  • Listing out several ways to resolve the problem
  • Testing the solution

If a PHP developer doesn’t have an excellent method to solve problems, they won’t be of much use.

Good Communicator

Remember that communication goes both ways in anything anyone does. To understand a client’s needs and goals, a skilled programmer has to really listen and focus. Nothing is worse than spending months waiting for an application to be ready only to discover that your developer created something else.

Great programmers constantly update their clients on the progress of their work. This will help with keeping to deadlines. It also provides a space where people from both sides can voice concerns or ideas.

Find One That Stands Out From the Crowd

No one becomes a great PHP programmer simply by taking a course. To excel, a developer has to go the extra mile. They’re going to have to write programs from scratch, fix their work, and learn what others are doing. They understand how important it is to communicate throughout the length of the project and know how to solve problems.

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