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What are Your Rights When Arrested?

by Olufisayo

In Miami, the crime rate is higher than in most other cities in the United States. In the city of Miami, there is a 1 in 40 chance of becoming the victim of a crime. And that higher crime rate means that police are under constant pressure to make arrests. If you’ve been arrested, you should know that you have some basic rights.

What Are Your Basic Rights?

No matter what crime you’ve been arrested for, you’re entitled to all of the following rights:

Right to Remain Silent

If the police question you, there’s no obligation for you to answer them. You don’t need to tell them about where you have been or where you are going. Instead, tell them you are invoking your right to remain silent. You may also want to explain that you will only answer questions when your lawyer is present.

Right to a Fair Search

Without a warrant, the police are limited in their ability to search you. They are allowed to check you and your property for weapons, but they are limited in their search. You cannot, in most cases, be strip-searched during a typical arrest.

Right to Reasonable Force

At times, the police abuse their power. Although they are allowed to use reasonable force to take you into custody, they cannot use excessive force. If you didn’t resist arrest and the police were too rough with you, then your rights may have been violated. The police are held to high standards and there are consequences for breaching those standards.

Right to a Lawyer

Every person who has been arrested by the police has a right to a lawyer. If you can’t afford an attorney, you have access to a government-appointed public defender.

Right to a Phone Call

After your arrest, you must be allowed to make one local phone call. Keep in mind that the police can listen to your call if you speak to anyone besides a lawyer. If you want a private conversation, call your attorney.

Reducing Your Risk

For the best possible outcome, you need to remain calm. There are several actions you can take and avoid to improve your chance of a positive outcome.

For one, you should not resist arrest or obstruct the officers from doing their job. While you are not required to answer their questions, you should avoid lying to the police. Simply say that you want to remain silent and you need a lawyer. From that point on, don’t give any explanations or make any decisions. When your lawyer arrives, they will tell you more about what you should do.

After the incident, write down everything you remember. This includes the officer’s badge number, the patrol car number, and any other details you have. If you were injured during the arrest, demand medical attention. Be sure to take pictures of your injuries and file a written complaint.

Finally, you should contact an experienced criminal lawyer. The opposing counsel will work hard to convict you, and it’s crucial to fight for your future. If you want a chance at success, you need an attorney who has a deep understanding of criminal law. In fact, you should look for a lawyer who has experience with cases like yours.

Don’t be afraid to ask your prospective attorney questions. If you believe your rights have been violated during the arrest, tell the lawyer about it. Ask them how the violation impacts your case and what they will do about it. If you’re looking for a lawyer who has the experience and resources needed to handle your case, call http://strolenylaw.com/. Our firm is ready to help you.

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