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What Can Your Business Lose If You Don’t Use an Email Signature?

by Olufisayo
Email Signature

Email is an important platform to promote your business effectively and authoritatively. Moreover, clients will believe your promotional campaign more if you send them an email with a signature at the end of the email.

An email signature can be easily designed professionally by using an online signature generator. So, if you don’t know how to create an email signature, then it’s much better to get them made via the NEWOLDSTAMP tool.

When it comes to losing something in business, losing clients is the worst thing, and that is what can happen without an email signature. Email signatures are quite important for a business email which is sent to clients or target audience when promotion or advertisement is considered.

Let’s go through this article which will explain in details what your business will lose when you don’t put email signature.

Email Signature

Importance of Email Signature

Email signature represents your digital signature in the email and signifies authority and professionalism. Listed below are a few more points signifying the importance of email signature:

●    Makes it legit

Adding an email signature makes the email or even your blog legitimate and easier to believe by the recipients or readers. It also proves that the business you are doing is not some illegal business but well-established and trustworthy.

●    Brand name

You must be well aware that each brand sells products or services upon its name, and that name can be easily added by using an email signature. A good email signature gets mapped in the brain as a logo or picture and creates an image that they will not forget.

●    Soft copy of business card

Nowadays, the internet has swept all hard copies, files, all those small business cards. So, now while dealing via the internet, there must be some way of delivering the business card – and the email signature can fulfill this. It is actually a non-expensive way of promoting your legit company.

●    Brief but important stuff

This email signature gives the most important information which will be required by the recipient if they want to contact the owner of the business.

That information is brief but an important advantage an email signature provides over normal business card is that in case people want to know more, they can click on the social media links or website link.

So, What Does Your Business Lose?

Given above are some of the important things that you get with an email signature. Although there are many more points, however, these are the best ones and the most sought after.

In case you think it is not crucial for the growth and expansion of business, think again because now we will list down some of the crucial factors which are lost if email signatures are not added.

●    Target subscribers

Yes, with the help of email signature the recipients click on the subscription button much more often than in the emails without email signature. That is because a signature is a sign of established and reliable business.

●    Branding

A business always depends on the way it was promoted. One of the most efficient ways of promotion is creating a brand recognition and as told earlier, the email signature is the cheapest and easiest way to do it.

●    Trust

A business relies on its quality of products and its sales. But one thing we always forget is that a business grows depending on the trust of the clients.

The more they trust you and your business, the more they will come back to your company to buy more stuff. And without an email signature, you can lose trust because recipients will think that the email is spam.

●    Connection

When you put your headshot as the picture in the email signature, it creates a connection between you and the client which stays in the mind of client forever. But when you miss the email signature, the client tends to forget the company quite easily and can turn to another company while searching for the product. And believe, they will definitely find many others.

In conclusion, it can be said that email signatures are very important to promote your business as well as to build trust among prospective clients. When you create a signature, remember to make it clean, brief and relevant to the type of business.

Plus, you can include a picture that is a high-quality and relevant to the business, for example, your logo. Or you can just keep it simple, you may add your professional photo.

So, you don’t want to lose trust, clients, and connection – the triad of main factors that will help you to grow the business just because you did not put the email signature.

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Richard April 4, 2018 - 2:41 PM

I agree, email signature can make clients believe what you are offering them, thinking it is not fake and existing..it portrays an important role in making your business known and legit…

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