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What is Customer Support? 6 Key Aspects

by Olufisayo
What is Customer Support

Do you ever wonder what makes a company or a business great or successful? A company does not gain a name overnight, there is a lot of struggle that goes behind. Many factors contribute to the success of any company.

The biggest pillar of strength behind any reputable company or business is the customer support department, they are the people who deal with the challenges that are faced by any company. The customer support department resolves all the issues or escalations that are reported by the consumers or the customers of a company.

It is the job of customer support to remove all the troubles regarding their product or service that the client or consumer is facing.

Your work will exist in the market only when you have customers or clients and you need to make strong customer support to gain that position. Moreover, let us give you an example of Spectrum Customer service that was being criticized and they lost many clients in the year 2018 but in 2020 they focused on their customer and regained their position in the market.

There are various factors or aspects that are behind successful customer support, we are mentioning 6 key aspects for you.

  • Your voice and tone
  • The quality of your support
  • Time management
  • Time for customers
  • The language you use
  • The process that you choose

1.    The voice and tone:

When a customer approaches customer support it is more likely that he is facing any issue or trouble so be prepared that you will find loud customers who can appear a bit rude sometimes. As a customer support rep, you need to focus on your tone and voice especially over the phone.

You should not appear as “assertive in an arrogant manner” or “rude or impolite” keep your tone neutral and confident. Remember that when you are on a call, your voice is the representation of your attitude and personality and the customer will judge you on that basis.

By being polite over the phone does not mean that you should become frank. It is important to keep a professional tone but remember that you need to be empathetic towards your customer so they may feel valued and important.

2.    The quality of your support:

One thing that every customer or consumer will remember is the quality of support that you provide them with. It is important to hire employees that know how to provide quality support that means that they should have proper product knowledge or understanding of the services that your company provides so they will handle any hazardous situation promptly without creating any kind of confusion.

To provide quality support to the customer it is required on the part of an organization, company, or business to provide proper technical pieces of training to their customer support employees so they will have proper and valid information regarding everything.

Well, you cannot provide the best quality within days or weeks, it takes time to educate customer support rep so they may become confident about what they are representing to the customer.

3.    Time Management:

All the customers want their issues to be resolved in time and they do not want any delays. As a customer support rep, you should be able to identify the issue on time to avoid any time wastage.

You do need to listen to the customer very carefully so you can note down what is required in one go instead of asking the customer to repeat themselves. You can ask the customer only valid questions and avoid all the unnecessary questions.

4.    The time for the customers:

You can provide different times to the customer to reach customer support but most customers desire a 24/7 hotline for assistance. Now, we do understand that 24/7-hour assistance is not attainable by all organizations so you can use all the platforms including online platforms that allow the customer to report any issue at any time.

5.    The language you use:

When you are a customer support rep, it is your responsibility to choose the right kind of language. You need to use the kind of language that is easily understandable by the customers and avoid the usage of slang or difficult vocabulary. Your language has to be colloquial and professional at the same time.

6.    The process that you choose:

Every customer support rep has their process of dealing with the customers. You can create an effective strategy that you can use when you have to deal with a customer. The main focus should be on the best practice that will help you to identify the need of the customer and the proper workable solution that is required at that time.

Wrapping Up,

A customer support rep or department is supposed to deal with all the technical issues that the customer might face. You can keep into consideration the aforementioned key aspects of customer support to provide a better customer support experience to your customers.

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