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What is the Procedure on Environmental Vibration?

by Olufisayo
Environmental Vibration

Vibration can be far more than just a little annoying, it can seriously damage the machine, and also the immediate environment, especially when talking about heavy industrial machinery. Vibration monitoring is just one of a series of checks that need to be carried out at regular intervals, in order to ensure that the machinery is running properly.

The importance of vibration monitoring cannot be overstressed, as it makes the machine safer to operate, and with metal parts rotating at great speeds, any imbalance could be disastrous.

Environmental Vibration

Extend the Machine’s Lifespan

Vibration monitoring does add to the life of the machine, as parts are replaced very soon after they begin to wear, thus avoiding a more costly repair in the future. Heavy rotating equipment such as pumps and motors need to be subjected to detailed analysis, and a visual inspection is totally inadequate, at least as far as vibration is concerned. If you manage a plant and are having new machinery installed, consider vibration monitoring by SERS and prolong the life of the equipment, while making for a safer working environment for all.

Minimise Downtime

Condition monitoring programs are designed to minimise downtime, which can be every costly, so it makes sense to arrange this from the outset. A reputable company would have mobile vibration service equipment that runs on its own power supply, and with a range of models, a very detailed report would be compiled. A part of the project management would be focused on vibration monitoring, and this would enable fast fault detection.

Environmental Concerns

In some heavy industries such as mining, the heavy machinery can cause enough vibration to affect the buildings in the area, and constant monitoring is essential to minimise the environmental impact on the local environment. There are specialised companies that offer a range of services, other than vibration monitoring, which might include:

  • Water testing
  • Emergency spill response
  • Technical demolition
  • Surveying residential property

Predictive Maintenance

This is something that prevents breakdowns, and vibration monitoring is just one part of the maintenance plan, along with scheduled maintenance sessions, which must be carried out if the machine is to run efficiently. Things can become misaligned over time, and the slightest movement could result in a much higher level of vibration, and without monitoring, you would not be aware of the problem until it causes the machine to fail. If the right steps are taken, the machinery will never breakdown, and scheduled maintenance will replace components before they cause a problem.

Eco-Friendly Companies

Most businesses today are eco-friendly in their approach and by having their machinery checked on a regular basis, they are doing their bit to protect the environment, not only that, the scheduled tests and maintenance will prolong the life of the machinery and also make the workplace safer. The services provided by a company that specialises in site remediation are designed to help all industries, and with state of the art monitoring facilities, they can make businesses more eco-friendly and even more efficient.

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