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XLN: Everything You Should Know About It

by Olufisayo
What is XLN

What is XLN?

Executive Leadership Network or more popularly called as XLN is the exclusive collective group of Chief Executives or CEOs, who collaborates together to overcome the challenges, increase the company’s productivity, and achieve strategic personal and professional goals.

A multinational network of high-level professionals, XLN can provide the necessary resources for those individuals who would want to take their business, as well as their personal life, to the next level.

XLN provides such a seamless combination of personal and professional perspectives that will be able to significantly contribute through a cutting-edge programming and organized sessions to a truly revolutionary success.

What is the mission of XLN?

XLN’s mission is to be able to provide ingenious business and personal growth techniques for CEOs, honest and unbiased input and new concepts for business leadership growth.

Who is the founder of XLN?

Mark Stagen is a competent business consultant and leader of the community. At the young age of fifteen, he had launched his first ever company and did not look back even since. From then on, quite a handful of established companies have already been established and sold, which includes Telecore and Emerald Health Services, which generated more than $1 billion in combined revenue.

Mark has also established the Youth Business Alliance, a non-profit organization working in economically disadvantageous places with High Schools to educate, empower and nurture learners on entrepreneurship, business and advancement opportunities.

Mark had also received countless awards, both within the business and community sectors, including: Inc. 500 and EY Entrepreneur of the Year. He is also quite active with YPO and had taken part in various positions in the leadership ladder, along with being a Regional Chair and a Chapter Chair.

Mark, who received his BA from Yale University in just three years, was also a member of the Yale Football Team and became an assistant professor in the USC Marshall Business School’s Department of Entrepreneurship.

How does XLN work?

  1. It provides forums for discussions from renowned and competent CEOs.

Created to provide such a private, impartial forum for feedbacks and consultation, the XLN CEO Forum is made up of a number of experienced professional CEOs and gathers in person on a monthly basis. There is hardly any subject or topic which is too complex, difficult or is out of boundaries.

Each forum creates a dynamic group of high-performance business leaders to engage in different view points for strategic problem-solving, enhance the leadership management and different perspectives in tackling company issues.

  1. It has a network of professional CEOs that you can rely on.

Being a leader at the top having a group of experts on board to be able to double check and assess your decisions is of tremendous advantage. XLN is able to give you access to a comprehensive, peer-to-peer community of CEOs and business leaders with which you can easily call on.

The leaders will then be the driving forces for significant professional and personal development, both as trustworthy and reliable peer consultants and also as close counterparts.

  1. XLN provides coaching from experts.

The XLN Forum will be moderated and facilitated by a dedicated C-level specialist trained to undertake productive and valuable discussions. Such highly competent people have at least 20 years of professional experience in large-scale enterprises and are just there to continue to provide quality support, recommendations and techniques.

What are the benefits you can get with XLN?

  1. XLN can help in developing practical strategies and hone your skills.

XLN has been organized to mentor and guide CEOs. Improving knowledge and experience among many top corporate managers contributes to advanced problem-solving skills, improved dispute resolution, better communication, and strengthened business skills.

XLN had been a Hybrid Development Organization (HDO) incorporating conventional and non-traditional techniques to establishing an integrated coaching network to help CEOs improve their skills.

  1. XLN can help your company to grow.

Pretty much every CEO in their right mind would actually agree that stagflation means death, and scaling up your company is very important. XLN’s global network of CEOs would be able to provide you with the strategic advantages of expanding your business and ultimately becoming the trendsetter of your industry.

  1. XLN can help in building up your leadership team.

Essentially, it all comes down to the people around you to empower your business as well as yourself. XLN will be able to teach you on how to hire, manage and keep top talents working with your company and cultivate natural instincts on how to quickly recognize internal and external A-players.

  1. XLN can provide you with unwavering support.

The dedicated platform groups of XLN will for overseeing the strategy and company. CEOs meet regularly to address issues, share best leadership practices, identify opportunities and discuss operational issues.

Members of the discussion board will also be your solid support group to address the problems you face with almost the same seriousness and professionalism that they would devote to their own problems.

  1. XLN will help you learn about the best business practices.

To become an effective leader requires constant circumspection, and awareness to the latest trends will always be extremely important. In addition to keeping you up-to-date on current developments, XLN can also provide you with access to different and unique programs designed to help you interact with other like-minded people.

  1. XLN can help in enhancing your leadership style.

Overall, you begin to grow your company by improving yourself and your management skills. In the XLN program, you can also get exclusive executive coaching and help you discover how to improve and develop new skills.

  1. XLN can help in expanding your company’s reach.

In the end, dominating new and changing businesses requires more than finesse. CEOs should have the appropriate experience. XLN will help CEOs gain a better understanding from several other CEOs and use their feedback to develop it into an action plan. XLN can offer you considerable exposure to a diverse online community and help make your approach suitable and effective.

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