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Protocols, Packet Loss, and Application Streamlining: What SD-WAN can do for Your Business

by Olufisayo

For many businesses today, an internet networking infrastructure is the central nervous system of the organization. This is largely because of the way the world has changed since internet technologies became commonplace, meaning there is now more reliance on networking tech for all aspects of business from sales through administration and financial control. Understanding things like the importance of application streamlining helps and can make a real difference to your bottom line when everything is functioning smoothly.

What Is Packet Loss and How Can You Fix It?

First of all, it’s worth knowing that a network packet is a unit of formatted data that is transmitted via a network. This is in contrast to the traditional point-to-point computer communications links that do not support packets which transmit data as a bit stream.  Application streamlining is a process specialist technicians used to ensure smooth transmission of packet data to improve overall functionality and ultimately, your profitability.

In simple terms, how data packets are transmitted through your network has a direct effect on systems such as video-conferencing, eCommerce and even email programs. If you have packet loss, you are basically only receiving some of the information you need to complete a function. If you have corrupted packets, data will be poorly transmitted and evidenced by slow loading times, buffering and intermittent performance.


SD-WAN Provides an Application Streaming Service That Saves You Money

Most businesses face significant challenges when it comes to recruiting niche technical staff. Without some kind of measurable track record, how do you know you hire the people with the specific skills you need? It can also be an unnecessary expense for businesses that don’t require full-time technical staff. Hiring a qualified consultant allows you to hire people with the skills you need for the time you need them and can save you significant money and time.

Firms like SD-WAN can help your business by building a better wide area network or WAN to serve your organization’s specific needs, particularly in data transmission.

SD-WAN offers services to improve the following key areas:

  • Performance: Optimization of how applications are routed ensures the best network path for each is selected.
  • Manageability: Through reduced administration costs, while achieving unparalleled network visibility.
  • Reliability: We develop a sub-second failover so that you can be sure your applications are fully functional, even when your network is unstable for any reason.
  • Security: Improved security for your network through encrypted connectivity with frequent key changes to protect your data in transit. This also prevents viruses and improves data protection considerably.

Hiring Experts Saves you the Expense of Hiring Specialist IT Staff

Specialist verification firms such as SD-WAN provide you with comprehensive network support to support efficient data transmission on a 24/7-basis. They can also ensure your business is fully complaint in order to protect your data and the privacy of the people you do business with. The alternative to hiring an agency is to recruit specialist staff which can be difficult, time-consuming and costly when you require very specialist technical skills. Ensuring the applications you rely on to do business are working efficiently is integral to your success and ID and document verification serves to protect your business and its bottom line even more.

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