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What to Look Out For When Sourcing For Employees

by Olufisayo
What to Look Out For When Sourcing For Employees

Getting the right team on board from the onset is a key factor in determining how far your business will go. After checking through the resumes, one can have an idea of the hard skills a potential employee possesses.

When you decide to engage the candidates further, it is crucial to be keen on outstanding soft skills. These are very crucial. Some experts argue that they override the hard skills. Soft skills are hard to measure as they are not quantified and take a great eye to pick. You can loosely define them as social attributes and personality.

While hard skills can be acquired or sharpened on the job, soft skills are more inherent. It is either one has it or not. Here are some of the attributes you should look for when looking for a winning team.

What to Look Out For When Sourcing For Employees

Ability to communicate

Having interacted with the candidate on the phone, through mail or by browsing through their social media, you have an idea of their communication skills. The ability to effectively pass a message clearly and without offending the target audience is essential. It depicts a person’s relational skills.

Frame the right questions, and you will be able to tell if the interviewee is the right person to join your organization. One’s level of understanding and sense of humor is critical.

How one relay’s information will affect how it is taken in. Staff in the managerial level giving instructions, for example, needs to use the right approach and well-thought words. On the other hand, a supervisor who issues instructions in a derogatory manner will attract resentment.

While at it, watch the body language. An excellent communicator should maintain eye contact and the right sitting posture.

Good attitude

Ever met people who turn the tensest and seemingly hopeless situation manageable by cracking an appropriate joke? These are the kind you need. People with ‘can do’ attitude. Not uptight sadists who dampen the brightest days and kill dreams.

The last thing you need in business, whether starting or established is negative energy. It is essential to employ self-starters and individuals who have a positive outlook. A good attitude is important; one can achieve a lot. When one is enthusiastic, it reflects on the performance hence maximum productivity. With a positive attitude, learning new skills is easy.

Team player and compatibility

One’s ability to fit with the rest is an important consideration when sourcing for the right person. Engage the candidate and find out about the last project they participated in and their role. Get to know if they enjoyed being part of the project.

Great team players enable seamless operations. When there is consensus, the output is at its maximum as all energy is focused on the task. In fights and divisiveness bring stagnation to projects. They create a tense atmosphere that is very unhealthy.

A person who did not get along with former bosses, clients, or does not fit in with the culture of your company might not be a good fit for the job. One must also express willingness and not be under pressure to join the organization.

Get someone committed to their career

A person that has a tendency to switch jobs and careers poses a potential problem to the group as their output will most likely be minimal. Getting a loyal person for any post is a significant advantage. Undivided dedication to a job increases productivity. Most of the time they will improve systems and how structures.

For a startup to enjoy full potential, it is crucial to have the right people in every position. This begins with entrusting the right person in any available opening.

All said, the right candidate should be qualified in their respective fields. For example, a candidate for a financial advisor’s post should be able to give the pros and cons of legitimate debt relief programs.

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