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What You Need to Know Before Thinking of Investing Property in Malta

by Olufisayo
Investing Property in Malta

For some years now, Malta is increasingly becoming a popular place where many people prefer to invest their property. This is because, among other reasons, it has a very incredible environment where a family can be raised adequately. I believe that it is most investors’ wish to enjoy all benefits relating to the property they plan on purchasing immediately from the completion date of the acquisition.

Below are factors that you need to consider before buying land in Malta;

Property’s title

Most importantly, before anything else you need to cross-check the title of the property for sale . This is because you might find yourself signing an agreement for the purchase of a property with someone who may is not the rightful owner.

The vendor may be representing himself fraudulently, and you find yourself innocently getting into a sale agreement that is full of problems.  What I’m implying is that you should ensure that the vendor provides you with a certified copy of the original title for the property from the onset of the agreement.

Ensure that the property is free of a charge, lien, or warrant.

Before getting into any contract for the purchase of property in Malta, you need to make sure that the property in question is free of a charge, lien, or warrant.  You need to ensure that the property has no judgment placed on it.

In situations, where a creditor has obtained a judgment against a property owner, who is also the seller, in this case, the creditor will be entitled to register a lien against the property in question. This means that the effect will remain the same even if the property has been sold. Therefore, you need to be cautious and ensure that you only purchase a property that is free of lien, charge, or warrant.

Ensure that the property is free from any structural defects and planning irregularities.

It is advisable that you check that the property you are buying is free from latent defects, structural defects as well as planning irregularities. You also need to consider the fact that some improvements may look reasonable yet they may be illegal according to the laws that are in place. Therefore, any property for sale in Malta needs to be independently checked. This will enable you to know the rightful title over the title as well as to ascertain the property.

Know if the property that you are purchasing is subject to servitude.

This is because the property might be legally burdened by various property rights such as the right of passage, the right of the 3rd party window and the right from your property, the right to access things like a roof for water tanks and antenna.

Know the rights to sublets

You need to know the rights to sublets since you might be buying a property where subletting might not be permitted to the foreigners who hold a certain type of residence permit. You also ought to know the kind of transaction that you are getting into and the duties expected from the parties to the agreement.

Some property for sale in Malta may be dated from the Knights of St John’s time, and hence you might find it very hard to identify any structural defects. I believe it can be disheartening to purchase a property in Malta only to realize later that it has numerous problems facing it leaving you miserable. So be on the lookout for this.

You need to know who stands for what and the kind of transaction that you are entering into when purchasing property for sale in Malta.

When purchasing property for sale in Malta, you need to know various things such as who stands for what in the contract, what kind of transaction are you dealing with. In addition, you should know who are the parties to the transaction, your interest as the investor, and the seller’s interest too. Lastly, get to know those representing you, whether you are the vendor or the purchaser of the property for sale in Malta.

You need to know that the seller is interested in selling the property for sale in Malta at the highest price if possible. This will enable you to discover that it is possible that the vendor may fail to disclose all information relating to the property for sale since such information may affect the purchase price that would be agreed especially if it is detrimental to him.

Other than acquiring property which is has a clean title, has all the planning permits, and is free of all other defect possibilities, it is important to consider the interests you’ll gain from investing in property in Malta. In addition, it is important that you choose the right law firm, that specializes in immigration law and property transactions.

Most foreign purchasers or buyers often attempt to reduce transaction costs by failing to seek legal representation. Legal advice will help you to enjoy your stay in Malta and avoid problems allowing you to put your interest as a priority. In situations where they can rectify, a lawyer will be able to suggest to you the best option or solution takes. Therefore, ensure you ask the right questions and understand what you are getting into before purchasing any property for sale in Malta.

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