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What’s Next For Advertising?

by Olufisayo
What’s Next For Advertising

We’ve seen internet and digital marketing being used more frequently – and more prominently – by brands and corporations these past couple of years. These marketing instruments are effective in reaching millions of potential customers online. While we also have digital ads and offline advertisements, many believe that most companies will soon use internet marketing more.

Is that really the case? What’s next for advertising? That is what we are going to look into in this article.

What’s Next For Advertising

Advertising as an Instrument

Advertising is still one of the best ways to quickly gain exposure. The massive reach of today’s advertising mediums mean brands can get into their potential customers’ minds quickly and effectively. Unlike digital marketing – or marketing in general – advertising is more direct and to the point, making it the concise way of getting key messages across.

Advertising has been used in tandem with other marketing instruments for years. In the old days, companies use advertising and public relations to balance between exposure and credibility. In recent years, the rise of internet marketing means most of the advertising campaigns can now be done online as well. The basic principles are the same; what’s changing is the way these principles are applied to new mediums.

Jumpstarting a Campaign

One of the biggest challenges of running a digital marketing campaign is gaining traction. You can’t expect indirect marketing efforts such as content marketing to produce direct results. The same can be said for other digital campaigns, including social media efforts and video marketing. To have a strong online presence, you – and the brand you represent – must be willing to invest time and money in exchange for steady growth of exposure.

This is where advertising comes in. Through channels such as online ads and conventional advertising, you can actually jumpstart your internet marketing efforts and gain immediate traction. A lot of top brands are doing it already. When Domino’s first pushed their mobile app, the pizza company used a combination of advertising, promotional offers and internet marketing to increase user acquisition.

Attention to Details

We’re looking at a very exciting future for advertising. A lot of advertising professionals are taking advantage of AACSB online MBA programs from universities such as Rutgers Online to expand their skills further. A lot of the marketing instruments we have today work really well with advertising, which is why the industry is growing along with the economy and recent changes.

These shifts can even be seen across the online MBA programs available today. There are new specializations being introduced and additional classes in advertising and marketing in general added to the curriculums. Digital agencies are relying on the creative brains of advertising professionals to formulate better campaigns and unique branding efforts. It is just a matter of adapting to newer mediums and approaches.

There is no doubt that advertising is changing. As mentioned before, the basic principles used in creating advertising campaigns remain relatively the same. It’s the way those principles are being applied – and through which mediums they are used – that will define the future of this industry.

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