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Where In the UK Is Best for New Graduates?

by Olufisayo
New Graduates

If you’ve recently graduated, you may be looking forward to your first role in the industry of your choice and where in the UK that may take you. If you’re not set on staying where you currently are and perhaps don’t want to move back home, there are a number of flourishing cities that are ideal for graduates!

From some of the best career projects to the most cost-effective housing and great social scenes, here are some of our favourites.


Wanting to steer away from the south? Then Sheffield maybe the northern haven you’ve been searching for! A recent study by CV Library found that grads can expect to earn around £23,000 per year in South Yorkshire, with this rising to over £30,000 after a few years’ experiences. With huge companies such as Plusnet, the University of Sheffield, Go Outdoors and more using Sheffield as their base, you’d be foolish to bypass the steel City.


Another one of the top cities to head to if you’ve just graduated, Birmingham can offer grads some of the best companies in the UK to potentially work for, as well as cheaper rents and a great social scene. If businesses like Jaguar Land Rover, SCC and the University of Birmingham are on your job hit list, then consider the UK’s second city for your post-grad move.


Looking for a good night out on the Toon? With one of the best social scenes in the country and cheap living costs, you’ll have plenty of money spare to save or spend each month. Although the average salary is among the lowest in the UK, at £20,757, this mixed with lower rent expenses and low-cost living makes it a great place to get settled after university. With big manufacturing, digital, business services and energy companies to choose from, Newcastle is another northern powerhouse to discover.

Cost of furnishing your first place

When you first move in, the initial costs of furnishing your new abode and paying for your first months’ worth of utility bills and rent may be quite a surprise to you, especially if you’re just about to head into your first grad-job. There is a wealth of options out there for you to explore such as credit (paid back in easy monthly installments) or the bank of mum and dad may help you out!

Wherever you decide to get settled after you’ve finished your education journey, look around a little. You’d be surprised what opportunities await if you move away from the big smoke.

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