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Why Canberra is an underrated place to live

by Olufisayo
Canberra is an underrated place to live

When you think of Australia, Sydney, Perth, Melbourne, and other coastal cities come to mind. The ocean could almost be considered as synonymous with Australia. But that is very similar to saying, that England is only London, or Illinois is only Chicago.

There is so much more to Australia than meets the eye and the cities that are a little more inland, such as Canberra, are also great places to live. Even though it is the capital city of Australia, property prices are lower because it is not on the coastline, cramped by the limited space that living on the coast creates. Peppered with several nature reserves, green belts, and golf courses, Canberra also has two lakes within the city. Perfect for people who enjoy open spaces, outdoor activities and sunshine.

These are Lake Ginninderra and Lake Burley Griffin. Canberra city centre is also famous for its hexagon streets and the State Circle which you will see photos of in almost all articles on the city. Here are some ideas if you’re looking to move to Canberra

Canberra is an underrated place to live

Find a good removal company

If you are looking for removal companies Canberra, speak to friends or find a forum discussion of people who have already moved there before you. They will have great advice on who to use and not use. Moving also gives you the opportunity to cut down on clutter, and, if you have fewer boxes to move, this will bring down your removal costs. A double win.

Go clubbing

Get connected to local activities. Search for local clubs that could help you get to know new people. Whether it be painting stained glass, break dancing, hiking, playing foosball, parquet, origami, you could probably find just about any group or club that does just that. Art, sport, music, outdoors activities are all great ways to get to know other people as the attention is centred on the activity and there is less pressure on you needing to leave a good-impressions and make friends. It isn’t a club but connecting with the local church is also a great way to get integrated.

Be a tourist

An amazing way to explore your new home city is by being a tourist in it. And this goes for those who have lived there for several years too. There is the hop on hop off city bus that will take you to all the major places. That’s a good way to start, because you will begin getting a good idea of the layout of the city, and you’ll have an experienced guide who can tell you interesting information about each place. Go for a cruise on one of the lakes, hire some bicycles to go pub hopping, find out the history of the city. There are so many wonderful ways to get to know and fall in love with Canberra.

Mount Ainslie

The ever-famous Mount Ainslie is a must. You can’t say you’ve been to Canberra if you haven’t been up Mount Ainslie. The view from the top is 360 degrees of open spaces. Take the time to give it a visit.

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