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Why Customer Satisfaction is Key to a Startup’s Success

by Olufisayo
Customer satisfaction surveys and research

Customers must be at the core of our business strategy. Place customers in the centre of all your actions, build everything around them. This methodology is crucial for early stage startups trying to be successful and grow, but it’s also crucial for settled business that wants to maintain the quality of their services and products.

Customer satisfaction surveys and research will help you in different areas. It will help you make your customer happy, obviously. But also, it will help you improve your product and your business processes in order to be more effective and evolve in the right direction. Investing in customer satisfaction is definitely a good call.

Customer satisfaction surveys and research

If you want to know what your customers think, just ask them.

Customer satisfaction surveys are a very common tool for business because of their effectiveness and valuable information. These types of actions are very easy to carry out, you just need a data base and an online survey service to create and spread your questionnaire.

You need to be very consistent on what you want to find out about your customers. Ask yourself what you need to know about the market and about your customers’ preferences and opinions. Is it about your product pricing? Is it about the delivery service? Is it about branding? Each of every question must have a specific purpose to your business strategy.

Your customer service department has valuable insights.

First, you need your customer service to be excellent. Dealing with clients can be tricky and tiring, but you must be the best at this if you want to succeed. Each conversation that your team has with a customer is a very valuable source of information. They contact you asking questions, making complaints and giving feedback. Don’t ignore that feedback, share it with the rest of the team, and use it to change and evolve.

Don’t focus on post-sales problems only. You must think about the whole customer experience, from the moment he or she lands on your ecommerce or physical store. Try to understand what they expect from your product or service and address their needs in specific use-cases. Then, you will be able to find the best solution.

Improve your business with all the feedback you obtain.

Gathering all the information from surveys and conversations with customers, you have a lot of insights to make significant changes in your startup strategy and evolve.

  • You will be able to improve your product or service so that it lives up to your customers’ expectations.
  • You will have useful insights that will help you make the right decisions with every marketing and business action.
  • It will help with your branding. High levels of customer satisfaction can help to build your brand and create a positive image.
  • It will help you increase customer loyalty. Invest time and effort to keep your existing customers happy. Provide excellent service and reward systems and they will keep trusting you.
  • If you listen to your customers with attention, you could be ahead of the game. Be alert and identify trends.

As you can see, the satisfaction of your customers is key to your business evolution. Use the data with intelligence and shrewdness, and act accordingly. Try to be the best and the first in the game and you will see the reward.

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