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Why Digital Nomads Opt Out For Co-Living

by Olufisayo

Whether you are a slow traveller or someone who travels often, there are a few struggles that digital nomads face like constantly locating new places to live, work and make new friends. Although this may not be a problem for most digital nomads, there are times when it may be more difficult even for the most experienced digital nomad. However, the concept of co-living or shared living spaces for digital nomads is a solution for this problem.

Why are shared living spaces for digital nomads so unique?

The concept of shared living has been around for hundreds of years and brings people from different families, walks of life, nationalities and genders together under one roof. These people then share the same amenities and parts of their lives that may otherwise have been private. Digital nomad lifestyle is on the rise and the regular shared living concept needs to add one more aspect to it, co-working.

Various types of location independent professionals come together to reside and work in the same shared space. They usually share the same priorities, goals, and work ethics. This is why co-living spaces are planned specifically to meet the needs of the remote workers. These spaces are fully equipped with proper working areas and include desks, printers and sometimes even additional screens and headphones. Many of these spaces are also equipped with fast and reliable internet connections.

These shared living spaces are unique and don’t have your usual office atmosphere, they have their own creative designs and attractions. These shared living spaces are often in a separate house or villa and often have a relaxation or chill out area. They may have pool tables, hammocks, gym facilities and even an on-site bar. You have the option of choosing whether you want to stay in a private room, or a dorm style living arrangement and may have the option of leasing the place per night, per week or even per month.


What are the advantages of shared living spaces?

  1. You don’t have to travel – being able to work where you live will save you money on travelling and time stuck in traffic. You also won’t have to wake up early every morning just to get to work on time.
  2. It is cheaper – you pay an all-inclusive fee which includes your stay and workspaces instead of paying different rentals for each as well as transport fees.
  3. You are not bound to time – There are very few shared offices that are opened 24 hours a day, so what if you get creative at midnight? Or you suddenly remember a deadline in a few hours, and it is already closing time? Shared living spaces allow you to work at any time in the day.
  4. Greater productivity – you are able to work at times when you feel most productive or whenever you are feeling most creative. You don’t have to wait until opening hours or hold off on your creativity until you reach the office or location. Many people have odd hours in the day that they feel at their best, and you can enjoy working at your own pace and with your unique times.
  5. It is simpler – having everything you need under one roof is much easier. This will help you organise the important aspects in your life in a hassle-free manner.
  6. Since you are living in a community, you are bound to meet individuals who are like-minded and share the same interests as you.
  7. It gives you a sense of community and responsibility. You will be living with people who are doing the same thing that you are, working remotely. This gives you a strong sense of community and togetherness.

What are the disadvantages of shared living, which nomads might opt out of this way of living?

  1. There is no differentiation between work life and private life – since everything is done in the same place, people may not be able to differentiate the two aspects of their lives.
  2. Shared living may not be for everyone – if you don’t like sharing your personal spaces like the kitchen or lounge then share living may not be ideal for you.
  3. Productivity may be hampered – no restriction on working hours may be great for some people however, at the same time, having no set rules, no office hours and a relaxed environment could have the opposite effect on other people. You may find that you have so much in common with housemates that you put off important work and don’t get much done every day.

Is it for you?

As a digital nomad, you must decide if share living is for you or not. Weigh out the advantages and disadvantages and try to make a well -informed and rational decision.

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