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Why Serviced Offices Are the Right Choice for Entrepreneurs in Australia

by Olufisayo
Serviced Offices Are the Right Choice for Entrepreneurs in Australia

The entrepreneur is often thought of as somebody who is going it alone. The common misconception is of a solo creator, an independent innovator who walks an isolated path. Yet, this isn’t usually the case. Even the most determined entrepreneurs need help from co-creators, secretaries, assistants, designers, promoters, suppliers, and more. To success in the business world, you need a robust support system.

This is why serviced office solutions, like the ones provided by Servcorp, are such a great option for budding entrepreneurs. They give young companies the chance to work in a sophisticated environment, with access to cutting edge equipment and a community of ambitious thinkers and leaders. Visit http://www.servcorp.com.au/en/ today to find out more about the serviced office solutions available across Australia.

This guide to some of the reasons why serviced offices are perfect for entrepreneurs will help you get to grips with the basics.

Serviced Offices Are the Right Choice for Entrepreneurs in Australia

Benefit #1: Secretarial Support Is Included

When starting out, the vast majority of entrepreneurs struggle to afford full time administrative support. Yet, it is hardly a luxury if you simply don’t have the time to file papers, take phone calls, and schedule meetings all by yourself. The good news is that serviced offices come with access to high quality secretarial resources. Many offer them on a ‘pay per go’ basis too, so entrepreneurs can minimise expenditure and only utilise what they really need.

Benefit #2: Prestigious Work Address  

Servcorp owns and manages scores of serviced offices, all across Australia, and each one is located in a prominent and highly regarded area. The thing about managed workspaces is that businesses and entrepreneurs get the chance to flaunt a prestigious address, without the expense that would be needed to set up an office from scratch. Clients are impressed, customers view the company as an authority, and it still gets to save cash.

Benefit  #3: Never Locked Into Long Term Leases

For entrepreneurs, flexibility is everything. Until you can confidently make more money than you spend, business objectives and strategies need to be agile. It can be really hard to stay nimble if you’re locked into a long term office contract, so opt for something that doesn’t require an unfeasible amount of commitment. Serviced offices can be rented on a month to month basis. This means minimal waste and the opportunity to free up capital for other purposes.

Benefit  #4: Increases Productivity and Efficiency  

On top of all the financial benefits, serviced offices also have a significant psychological impact. No matter what the nature of a business, its key figures are bound to work harder if they have taken the time to carve out a space for it. While working from home is an effective way to save money, the inevitable merging of domestic and corporate spheres is disruptive. It reduces focus, slows productivity to a crawl, and undermines the value of the company.

Benefit  #5: Scalable, Flexible, and Affordable

One of the best things about serviced offices solutions, particularly for entrepreneurs, is that they can be used in a number of different ways. The option to stay on and use the workspace for a long time is open to businesses, in the same way that they can choose to upgrade to an independent office at some point. Either way, the pressure to make a quick decision is eliminated, because the current situation is comfortable and secure.

Why Servcorp is the Best Choice for Serviced Office Solutions

With serviced office facilities all across Australia, Servcorp is uniquely positioned to take care of your needs as an entrepreneur or business owner. The offices provide full connectivity, with high speed Wi-Fi and free local calls. All occupants are given a dedicated business number and access to receptionist and administrative support. There is a highly trained IT team on site to give advice, solve problems, and help your operation run smoothly.

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