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Why Should You Switch Your Company to Remote Work?

by Olufisayo
Remote Work

Known as being able to work from home anywhere, remote work was already a significant worldwide workplace phenomenon before the pandemic compelled many companies such as Adeva to work from home.

Workplace flexibility is a perfect practice that may be applied in any industry regardless of its size. Indeed, many of today’s leading companies provide full, half, or very flexible remote job opportunities.

Working remotely does not always imply working from home. It can refer to any location where an employee works away from the office, such as a coffee shop or a coworking space.

The opportunity to work from home promotes a healthier work-life balance

Perhaps working remotely would not have been so possible for many companies many years ago. In the absence of appropriate technology, an employee was relegated to carrying out their duties in person at the company’s headquarters. And, of course, that could provoke anger and frustration, and in the end, it can end as a not joyful job to do.

Keeping a healthy work-life balance is, therefore, a key priority for many employees and business owners at the same time. To be successful in the workplace, one should also focus on having a healthy life outside of work, as both can be connected.

Employees can plan their day and include healthy habits when working from home, such as 10 min workouts in between jobs, cooking a meal, etc.

Employees that work from home enjoy a greater degree of freedom

Working remotely is beneficial to employees’ engagement and happiness. Many studies say that the ideal engagement increase happens when employees spend more or less three to four days working off-site.

What if the employee needs to travel abroad to see a family member? Or do they need to attend a child’s soccer game during the afternoon? A regular employee would have to take a leave of absence request to achieve this.

However, a remote employee can still clock in from home or from anywhere else they are located at that moment. Everyone loves the flexibility of working from home, traveling the world, or only coming to the office one or two days a week.

A remote job improves the well-being of the employee

As a result of a reduced commute, lunch rush, and lengthy hours at the office, working remotely can enhance the health and well-being of employees. When it comes to a remote workforce, businesses shouldn’t forget about the need for a wellness plan. Employees who work from home should have access to the gym.

Productivity might rise when working remotely

Employers today face an age-old existential quandary: ‘’Are my employees working if I don’t see them?’’ If companies can put their faith in their employees no matter where they are, they may expect more productivity than ever.

Research demonstrates that productivity soars when employees can put their job ahead of other obligations, such as extended commutes or extra coffee breaks.

Companies save money by having employees work from home

A company’s costs are also reduced when fewer people are working in the office. But how? Think about a typical work environment. Do you imagine a humming, active workplace, or do you imagine some of the desks being vacant, awaiting the arrival of new recruits for the following year?

This ‘’ghost town effect is real, and it might be costing your company thousands in wasted expenditures. More effective workspace use is possible when fewer people are in the office. Better for them and better for you!

Businesses that allow employees to work from home are more competitive

The people, not the products or missions, determine if a company is successful. Only your employees will be able to take your company idea through to fruition. To succeed in today’s competitive business environment, a company’s ability to attract and retain top personnel is a major factor.

Remote work is more eco-friendly

If you care about the environment or are starting to learn about more eco-friendly ways to live, then working remotely is something you should consider for you and your employees.

When working remotely, one doesn’t need to use a car to go to work, which is a way to reduce the carbon footprint. While working at home, a bike can be used to take a quick break from work, do the groceries, or enjoy some fresh air around. How does this sound to you?

The Bottom Line

Nowadays the location of people is not an enormous problem as there is internet everywhere from where they can connect and get the work done. And this type of work can be beneficial for many people, including people with health conditions, a travel lifestyle, and young parents. So, why not switch to a remote office after seeing all the benefits it brings with itself?

Photo by Anna Tarazevich

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