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Why Slow Internet Costs More than Time

by Olufisayo
Why Slow Internet Costs More than Time

Slow internet is the enemy to productivity. When you or your employees are on a roll and pacing through work, it can stop you dead in your tracks and lose momentum. Beyond productivity and time, slow internet has the power to cost you customer service delivery and staff morale. These are the foundations on which any business is built and the absence of which, no business will thrive.

Find out just how much your connection speed is taking from your bottom line, and how easy this can be remedied by upgrading your provider for such an inconsequential cost and process.

Why Slow Internet Costs More than Time

Time Lost

Time is the ultimate commodity. But when it is working against you, it will almost certainly spell out your business expiry date. Slow internet speeds are not tolerated by businesses trying to gain an edge, so you can make the educated guess that your competition is operating more quickly and efficiently if you are not. Failure to adopt wireless internet will reduce your number of well-spent hours in the day, pushing back deadlines and dropping tasks so that you can get on top of the big fish.

The problem is, it’s often all those little things that make the difference, collating that time to build greater understandings and deeper learnings. Adding that lost time up across a week, month or year – and you’ll be astounded to learn what opportunities you may have missed while you are waiting for your browser to load.

Customer Service Implications

Poor customer service can be a critical hit to your business, working against you and turning potential brand advocates into customers that actively avoid you. The modern expectation of customer service is delivering prompt and knowledgeable service, showing empathy and encouragement during and after any transaction.

Whichever business type you identify as, internet will make up a part of your processes. Imagine receiving a time sensitive enquiry that does not make its way to you quick enough and then is responded to late. Or an in-store connection that disables your staff to check to see if something is on sale, or to consult the CRM system. These instances, and thousands like it, create clunky customer service that misses the mark every time.

Staff Morale

You’ve worked hard to attract the talent who fill your office – each member is an expert in their own right and working together with a shared vision. So, why arm them with a weak tool that won’t capitalise on their capabilities? There are many moving parts that contribute to the staff morale of a business, many of which extend beyond what you may think attracts candidates. If your team cannot do their jobs at the speed and frequency they wish, they will feel the pressure. It sends a message that you don’t value their working conditions and expect them to produce in unreasonable conditions.

Get Ahead by Upgrading

At one point or another, every business owner has received news that something has to be added, removed, or upgraded. In the history of your business, upgrading to a better internet provider is inconsequential, and barely a blimp on the radar when it comes to costs and the procedures that need to be taken. No, you don’t need to fix structural damage or install air conditioning – if an internet connection is your only stumbling block, you have bypassed a number of large spends. Call a new internet provider today and reap the rewards.


Slow internet can waste more than just time, but don’t leave it too long to find out exactly what you are going to lose. Take the reins of your business, fight against unproductive workflow, and work towards gaining market share and the loyalty of your customers.

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