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Why You Should Use SharePoint for Your Startup

by Olufisayo
SharePoint for Your Startup

Business structures around the world are changing. The internet and technological advances have made it possible to run a startup without a physical office space, drastically reducing overhead costs that limit entrepreneurs and unjustly impact their likelihood of success. As they say, the world is getting smaller.

All it takes to make a startup succeed without a physical office is the right tools for communication and connectivity. SharePoint is a web-based platform that works with Microsoft Office Suite; it can be accessed from anywhere.

For a versatile platform to suit your business needs, your startup should use SharePoint. Here is why:

 SharePoint for Your Startup

Social Media Integrations

The best part about having team members with different opinions and perspectives is that they each have something unique to offer to your startup. Their varying interests and activities may lead to the discovery of articles and content relevant to your business model.

Usually when this happens, there are three main options: you allow shared access to your social media accounts, they post it on their personal account and tag your business, or they submit their idea to the account holder. There are pros and cons to each approach, including control over your business pages, time involved, and social media reach.

With SharePoint, there is an easier way. Your team can upload their social media links to SharePoint. By using Microsoft Flow, you will be able to approve posts before they are published. With a few quick clicks of a button, the posts will automatically upload to social media upon approval. This is particularly beneficial for a startup that is trying to gain exposure but doesn’t have the budget for a social media manager.

File Sharing

SharePoint offers live streaming for information and file sharing. This means you and your co-workers can collaborate on a project from different locations without countless emails back and forth.

Despite the ease of sharing, SharePoint is equipped with integrated security features to protect your startup’s intellectual property. You can also manage individual user access, so team members only have access to the projects to which they are contributing.

As SharePoint is a web-based platform, it doesn’t matter if one of your team members uses a Chromebook, one uses a Mac, and one uses a PC; SharePoint is easily accessible through all.


SharePoint was once viewed as a highly technical platform with an intense learning curve. Over time, developers have been able to keep the customization benefits of SharePoint while reducing the need for a professional developer.

Now, you can tweak SharePoint to suit your organization’s needs with relative ease and without an in-depth knowledge of coding. In conjunction with the organizational capabilities– including sharepoint categories— you can create the perfect tool for your startup business.

Going Green

Like versatility, corporate social responsibility is a high priority in this modern era of business. By using SharePoint, you will no longer require mountains of paperwork to propel your business forward.

Americans use an average of 700 pounds of paper per person each year. By creating an online office, you’ll be making a small but important dent in that number. This gives your startup business a powerful marketing advantage when proving your value to environmentally conscious consumers.

Getting Started

SharePoint is a valuable tool for simplifying daily business processes, streamlining standard operating procedures, and safely sharing sensitive information. With its ability to assist with content management, and to create open communication amongst team members, SharePoint will create a consistent user experience for all collaborators.

Office-free businesses and startups are not the only organizations that can benefit from the use of the SharePoint platform. Imagine having an important document that needs input from a business partner who is halfway across the world for a conference. This is why over 85% of Fortune 500 companies use SharePoint. Why shouldn’t your startup join their ranks?


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